Thursday 22 March 2018

Bookish Academy Awards Book Tag

I saw Regan of Peruse Project do this tag on Youtube and I thought it was such a fun idea that I wanted to do it too. All the books I'm using are from 2017, and I hope to start doing this tag every year. This was really fun for me to do and I hope you guys enjoy it! I will link the original creator here

Best Actor: Best Male Protagonist

My pick would have to be Noah Shaw. He is the perfect combination of cocky asshole and compassionate dreamboat. 

Best Actress: Best Female Protagonist

After much debate, I finally settled on Banks from Hideaway by Penelope Douglas. Banks is everything I love in a female character. She doesn’t take peoples shit, she’s hella smart, and she’s independent. 

Best Cinematography: Best Plot Twist

Scandal Never Sleeps. From the title, you can probably tell that the novel is gonna have a ton of twists and turns. Spoiler Alert it does. Because I don’t actually want to spoil this entire thing for you guys I will just say that the protagonist isn’t who we think she is, she isn’t who she thinks she is. 

Best Costume Design: Best Book Cover

The Castaways by Jessika Fleck has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. That’s what initially drew me to it. The combination of the vibrant colors and the design are 10/10.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress: Best Male and Female Sidekick

Pasha from the Crown’s Game is such a sweetheart. He makes some bad decisions but I honestly can’t even hate him for it because he hates himself for it. He’s one of the most genuine characters I’ve ever read about.

Best Original Screenplay: Most Unique Plot/World

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. So obviously Neil Gaiman didn’t makeup Norse mythology, but the way he wrote it and portrayed all of it was amazing. I personally loved it.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation

I finally read the Princess Bride in 2017 and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this book has one of the best adaptations of all time. There are many verbatim conversations from the book in the movie.

Best Animated Feature: A book that would work well in animated format

The Bone Witch, I think it would work way better animated than it would CGI. The thing with animation is there is so much more you can do when you have people drawing the images instead of having actual people trying to act them out. 

Best Director: A writer you discovered for the first time

The author of Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens agenda. This was actually the last book I read in 2017 and I’m so freaking excited to read more of her books.

Best Visual Effects: Best action in a book

Lord of Shadows is by far the best book Cassandra Clare has come out with. All her books are amazing, but with each release comes an even better novel with more high-quality actions sequences. This was not a hard choice.

Best Short Film: Best novella or short book

The Summer Palace by C. S. Pacat. It’s basically the epilogue we all wanted for the Captive Prince Series. This takes place after the contents of Kings Rising. It’s only maybe 30 pages long, but it’s enough for us all to know that everything is going to be okay, plus some other fun things. 

Best Picture: Best standalone

The One Memory of Flora Banks. I kind of wish it wasn’t a standalone because I want to know what happens with everything, there could definitely be more story there. However, this story stands amazingly on its own.

Best Documentary: Best Historical Fiction or Non-fiction

I read one nonfiction novel in 2017 and I just so happened to have loved that book. The novel I am talking about is Night by Elie Wiesel. It’s about a man and his survival of the holocaust. It’s just as heartbreaking as you think it is. I would highly recommend giving this one a read.

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