Saturday 30 April 2016

Reading Habits Book Tag

I haven't done a tag in a while so I figured I should do one. I did not get tagged for this, but really does anyone ever actually get tagged to do this? 

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

My bedroom, or, if I'm feeling a bit adventurous, the big comfy chair in my living room.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Random scrap. One time I used half of an American dollar bill. I'm not American and I don't know why I only had half of it.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

It drives me crazy when i have to stop in the middle of a chapter. Sometimes it can't be helped though, because I read at school and stuff. I really do love stopping at the chapter, it's a bonus if the page number is on a 10 20 30 40, and so on. 

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

Well it depends on if I'm hungry. I don't just eat or drink because I'm reading, but sometimes I'm reading and then I get hungry so i make some food and eat it. And in the morning I drink coffee while reading.

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I can't concentrate with the tv on, but I love listening to music while I read. It heightens my overall experience.

6. One book at a time or several at once?

I read a lot of books at once. At least one contemporary/romance sort of book, and some sort of supernatural magical sort of book. That way I can read whatever I feel like at the moment.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?

I will read anywhere and everywhere. I literally always have a book on me. If the book I am currently reading is too big to carry around with me, I bring my ereader.

8. Reading out lout or silently in your head?

Well usually only in my head, but this one time I was rereading Harry Potter outlaid, while practicing my english accent. My parents thought I was on drugs and talking to myself so I had to stop. It was fun while it lasted.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Sometimes my eyes accidentally skip ahead and I see something I'm not supposed to, but I swear, it's an accident. I don't skip pages. It is not my way. Another confession to make, I always read the last page first. I dunno, i like not understanding what is happening in that last moment and then slowly piecing it together.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Treachery, who the hell cracks to spins of their book on purpose? Who? Reveal yourself!!!!! I mean other than a little kid, who cracks the spin?

11. Do you write in your books?

Never. Another treacherous thing. I know some people like to take notes and stuff, but if I want to take notes, I either get a piece of paper, or I use sticky notes. Why would write on something that I spent my money on? Something that is precious to my very soul? the thought makes me shudder.

I tag anyone who loved Paul Rudd. I love Paul Rudd, but I just did this tag. You go do it now, little Paul Rudd lovers.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Top 5 Maternal Figures

This one may just be the hardest top 5. The majority of the books I read the main character is usually really tragic so either the mother is dead or a really shitty person. This is going to be interesting.

5. Sally Jackson

She married Gabe, who is so disgusting I can't even handle it, to keep Percy safe. I think that speaks for itself. I mean could you imagine actually marrying Gabe. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

4. Aunt Karen

So at first we are a bit suspicious of Aunt Karen, we don't know who she really is and why she is so reclusive, but when the big reveal happened I loved her that much more. She saved Hope and loved her for all these years, tried to protect her from her abusive father. She deserves the aunt of the year award.

3. Rachel Morgan

She may be a bit of a closed book at times, but she only wants the best for Cammie and I give her that.

2. Jocelyn Fairchild

In the other two series from the Shadowhunter world, the other two girls don't have their mothers anymore. Clary still does and she cherishes that. Jocelyn is so badass yet loving. She literally put herself into a coma to protect her child. That's dedication.

1. Molly Weasley

She already has 7 children. That is a lot of children to have, yet she still takes Harry Under her wing. She was just so loving of that little boy who didn't have a mother and I love that so much. This is why I can never pick a favorite character from Harry Potter.

That was so much harder than I thought it would be. Why do book mothers suck so much?


Waiting on Wednesday

Crooked Kingdom
by Leigh Bardugo

I've honestly never been this excited to read a Leigh Bardugo book. Not to say she is a bad author cause she isn't she's really good, just never been my favourite. I just finished Six of Crows and I could not handle the ending like what? I need this book so badly.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Intimidating Books

5. Under the Dome

I started this about year ago and I put it down after about 100 pages because it was just so big and daunting, I needed something fluffy and quick. I have not picked it up since, but I will get to it.

4. A Little Life

I have heard how heartbreaking this book is, I do really want to read this, I just have to be in the right state of mind to get through it. Honestly, I don't like being overly sad.

3. Beautiful Creatures

This book is so large. I picked the book up before and I didn't really like it so I never finished it. I have brought it upon myself to finish this book. I just don't want to read this ginormous book just to find out that I was right the first time when I decided that I didn't like it. I don't want to waste that much time on something that I don't like.

2. Winter

I don't want to not like this because then I will have to give it a bad rating and then all the hardcore Marissa Meyer fans will come at me with pitchforks and maybe higher technology like guns and I need at least a few months to obtain a bullet proof vest.

1. Outlander

I really want to love this book, but it's huge and I'm nervous that i won't actually like it, I love loving books, it just makes my life so much better, no people sprinkling me with their opinions on why the book is the best in the world and how I'm wrong for hating it. 

Well I hope someone related. Thanks for visiting!

Waiting on Wednesday 16.04.20

What else could I put down other than the honest truth?

I'm so excited for this book that I can barely contain myself!

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Books I Need to Reread

I have this huge long list of books that I want to reread. Here are are the top 10:

10. Angel Fire

I read this book about 4 years ago and didn't really like it, but my taste in books have changed drastically, so I feel like I might actually like it this time around, maybe give it a higher rating on Goodreads. Who Knows?

9. Born at Midnight

I haven't read this book in years, I really enjoyed it and I want to do a reread of actually the entire series. If you haven't read the before I would highly suggest it. It was really entertaining.

8. Clockwork Angel

I have not read this book since I first read it 3 years ago. That is in fact a long time to go without reading a book, especially one that everyone loves and you in fact love.

7. City of Lost Souls

I've reread this book more times than I can count. I need to add another into that countless number. It is by far my favourite of the Mortal Instruments series. Therefore it is on the list.

6. Doctor Sleep

All I remember from this book is that Danny was old and an alcoholic and I had the weirdest ship ever. Oh and I loved this book. So I need a brush or I will keel over and die.

5. Hopeless

I don't really have an explanation to why I'm rereading this book, other than I just want to read it again because it's my fav Colleen Hoover book.

4. Sinner 

I've been thinking about this book lately. It's just always kind of hanging at the back of my mind, which is weird since I read it like 2 years ago. This shit is urgent.

3. Assassin's Blade

I'm agonizing over the should I or should I not. This book crumpled my soul into a little itty bitty piece of trash and going back in is just a death wish. I can't help it, my friend is borrowing Queen of Shadows, I need a Sarah J. Maas fix and Assassin's Blade is the only one that I have yet to reread.

2. The Secret of Ella and Micha

If you need to wonder about this one than you can just go see my book talk on it.

1. Harry Potter

I can't choose a specific one to put here, and I can't put them all here separately because that just wouldn't work. It has been forever since I've read Harry Potter. I like it that way too. That way when I reread the books it's almost like I'm reading it again for the first time because I forget about all of the little things that happen that aren't in the movies.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Your Bookish Identity Book Tag

I never get tagged for these... Whatever I'm still gonna do it.
Let us begin!

  • What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in?
The Wizarding world. What else would I want out of life? seriously what could possibly be better than to live in the wizarding world?

  • Who would your partner be?
Hmmmmm, I've been having a Dimitri Belikov withdrawal, plus he would probably be phased by it and it would just be so entertaining to see him like that.

  • Who would be your godly mother/father? [Percy Jackson]
One of the big three, definitely, I like to feel important. Probably not Zeus though, I've been reading about Greek mythology a lot lately and I just hate him so much. But I would absolutely love to have Poseidon or even Hades as my parental unit.

  • Would you be a downworlder or nephilim? [Shadowhunter world]
If I'm gonna be with Dimitri I have to be hella badass, so i would probably go with nephilim, because once again, I like to feel important.

  • Which house would you be in? [Harry Potter]
I'm a Gryffindor. Always have been, always will be. I've taken the test like 10 times, every time was the same.

  • Which faction would you be in? [Divergent]
Most people would probably say Divergent, because I'm not the only one who likes to feel important, but I'm also not afraid to admit that I probably wouldn't be divergent, but Dauntless.

  • What would be your daemon [Northern Lights]
I don't know what a daemon is so I'm gonna have to google it. One moment.

So from what i've gathered, a daemon is basically your spirit animal kind of thing, since that is the case I will have to go with a Hippo. I love hippos. They seem all fat and harmless, but the can run as fast as a horse and are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Totally underestimated. I love it.

Here is a gif of perfection:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Book Talk

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
By Laini Taylor



Around the world, black hand prints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky.

In a dark and dusty shop, a devil’s supply of human teeth grows dangerously low.

And in the tangled lanes of Prague, a young art student is about to be caught up in a brutal otherworldly war.

Meet Karou. She fills her sketchbooks with monsters that may or may not be real, she’s prone to disappearing on mysterious "errands", she speaks many languages - not all of them human - and her bright blue hair actually grows out of her head that color. Who is she? That is the question that haunts her, and she’s about to find out.

When beautiful, haunted Akiva fixes fiery eyes on her in an alley in Marrakesh, the result is blood and starlight, secrets unveiled, and a star-crossed love whose roots drink deep of a violent past. But will Karou live to regret learning the truth about herself?

My Thoughts:

I gave this book 3 stars, but hold on there, I may have devoured this book, but I still had some issues with the plot and stuff that brought it down. 

1.Instalove: Karou and Akiva fall in love in like 3 days, I'm having a Romeo and Juliet flashback and I honestly hated that play.

2. The story is set in Czech and they speak as if they are American, they use all this American slang that they definitely would not use in Czech.

3. He was hanging outside her bedroom window, watching her sleep and stuff, it just reminded me of Twilight and I didn't like Twilight and he followed her everywhere and I know he was going to kill her, but he never did which makes this more creepy.

So I watch a lot of book tube and people love that book (Katytastic) so I decided that if everyone loves this book so much, then I better read it. Plus it was on bookoutlet really cheap, so I had to get it then.

I can't really pinpoint when the author captured my attention. Maybe it was the mystery of the main character, maybe it was the fact that she was very vengeful against her ex, maybe it was because it was set in a foreign country and it intrigued me. I can't really tell you.

It was a a very fun book, not really the shitty things that happened, but how different and dynamic the plot and characters were. You don't often read about chimeras, if at all. This is actually the first book I've ever read with them in it. Plus Akiva. I love me some Akiva.

My favourite character was probably Zuzanna because she is actually kind of hilarious and doesn't get enough credit as the best friend. Actually love her.

I would in fact recommend this to those who love a good love story, the action was also pretty good. It was mysterious and at times, suspenseful. 


“Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.”  

“Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?”  

“It's not like there's a law against flying.""Yes there is. The law of gravity.”

Friday 15 April 2016

Would You Rather Book Tag

I was not tagged for this because I rarely (Never) am. This was just to entertaining to not do.


Trilogies, I love long series. There just would't be enough options if I just went with stand alone. It would be like breaking up with a boyfriend every time I finish a book. It would suck.


I read more books written by females so I would probably have to go with that, if i read books only by men then I would have to get rid of the majority of my books which I would never do.


Amazon, I am Canadian so I use Amazon more. Plus the one time that I went to Barnes and Nobles, I was looking for a specific book, but all the books were in random order and I just couldn't find anything I was looking for, it was just too confusing.


I feel like some books are too bland to become tv shows, and I really do have the attention span of a gnat and I forget to keep up with tv shows, so I would have to go with Movie.


Ummmm 5 books per week, i would love this. I'm constantly reading anyway so 5 books a week would be life goals.


I so badly want to say both, but tbh I would be such a bad author, never make my deadlines, my characters would have terrible development, my plots would suck. I would have to go with Reviewer. maybe oneway my opinion will change and I'll prefer writing.


Well if they are my top 20 books there is probably a reason for it, so I would probably keep reading them over an dover again. I do that now anyway.


Book seller, I want to own a bookstore someday, with bean bags and a jukebox and that people can play music on while they read their newly bought books and drink coffee and eat scones from my attached cafe. I have many ideas.


Once again, why would I not read about the something that I love? I may or may not get sick of it, but I'll get through it, maybe take a break from reading if I get to bored with that.


I mostly read physical books anyway, they are just so much more endearing than imposter books.

If I haven't been tagged, does that mean I can even tag anyone else? Whatever everyone can be tagged. Doesn't matter to me. You do you.

The Iron Trial Book Talk

The Iron Trial (Magisterium, #1)

The Iron Trial
by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
Spoiler Alert


Most kids would do anything to pass the Iron Trial.

Not Callum Hunt. He wants to fail.

All his life, Call has been warned by his father to stay away from magic. If he succeeds at the Iron Trial and is admitted into the Magisterium, he is sure it can only mean bad things for him.

So he tries his best to do his worst - and fails at failing.

Now the Magisterium awaits him. It's a place that's both sensational and sinister, with dark ties to his past and a twisty path to his future.

The Iron Trial is just the beginning, for the biggest test is still to come . . .

My Thoughts:

I gave this book 5 stars, it is just so great, and magical and it reminds me of the old Harry Potter days.

I picked up this book because I saw that the second book was already out, I had completely forgotten that i needed to read this, to be honest it was pretty low on the tar, but then I was shopping and saw The Copper Gauntlet  the cover was so pretty and Holly Black and Cassandra Clare had been to the book store and signed it, so of course I needed both of them. So I got them both.

My attention was captured right off the bat because the main character obviously didn't want to be a part of this mysterious thing called the Iron Trials, his father had warned him against it, and in the prologue, his mother had carved "Kill the child" into the ice, the last thing she would ever do, she's dying and it probably hurt, so why would she do this?

Call was not there to make friends, he was so against the whole thing, and he had made friends and enemies a like in his short time at this school. He was learning all this complex magic, I have a real weakness for books with boarding schools, especially magical boarding schools. They just make things so much cooler.

I could relate to the fact that Call was being forced to go to a school he didn't want to go to and was very mean and grumpy about it, because High school. I was lied to for so many years about how amazing high school is *cough cough* High School Musical *cough cough*.

Call,has come so far from the beginning of the series. He's gone through so many things, especially with the plot twist at the end. So awesome. So conflicting. plus he got the life that he never thought he would get. Friends, a new pet, adults who really care about him, and best of all magic.

I would recommend this book to anyone, it was so amazing and it has such a diverse set of characters and the characters are a bit childish, but that's because they are children. It brings you back.


“They all yelled in excitement. Tamara yelled because she was happy. Aaron yelled because he liked it when other people were happy, and Call yelled because he was sure they were going to die.” 
“That's the spirit." Aaron hid a grin. He was already wearing his armband, just above his elbow. Somehow he managed to make it look cool. Call had tied his around his forearm and was fairly sure it looked like a bandage.” 
“Fire wants to burn
Water wants to flow
Air wants to rise
Earth wants to bind
Chaos wants to devour
Call wants to live”