Wednesday 29 August 2018

Top 5 Books List for a Class on Humanity

I made up the list of books I wanted to use and then I decided to come up with a common denominator which ended up being Humanity. I feel like all of these books showcase humans in a different way.

1. A Monster Calls

This entire book is very metaphorical and has a lot to examine. Not only is it a really good read, it's also something you can look closely at and see several different meanings. 

2. The Outsiders

I read this when I was in the Eighth grade and I learned a lot from it. There are so many important themes in it and I also think it's a book that everyone will love. I have yet to meet someone who has hated the Outsiders.

3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

For obvious reasons, I would want to teach this in my class. Harry Potter was a stepping stone in a lot of peoples lives and I think it's also got very prominent themes that I could see really impacting people. Also, it would keep people more engaged in my class.

4. The Hunger Games

Despite pop culture focusing in on the love triangle, this book has so many important themes. It's about rebellion and it's even been banned in some countries because of its themes. I think it's so important because of that and also a book everyone would love.

5. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I think every class needs a mystery novel. It's all about examining the evidence and the characters and building profiles. I feel like it would say a lot about a person what they think would happen and what they think of the characters in their situations. Also, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo doesn't pull any punches and I think that would be pretty engaging for a class. And it really showcases the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of people.

What books would you guys want to teach in your own class?

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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Top 10 Favorite Books I Got to Read as ARCs

As a reviewer, one of my favorite things is getting the chance to read books before they come out. Whether it's a digital copy or a physical copy, it just makes me so happy to be trusted with a book that hasn't come out yet. It's even more exciting when I get to read a book that I've been highly anticipating or something that ends up being one of my favorite books, and that is what this list is all about.

10. Want You

Want You was everything I had wanted the Boy and His Ribbon to be. It's dark, it's sexy, the characters have history and chemistry. This was a very quick read for me.

9. Sweet Water

I read the first book Wilder and really enjoyed it, but then I picked up Sweet Water and it just left Wilder in the dust. 

8. The Castaways

I initially didn't give this book the best rating, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I honestly want to go back and read it again. Also, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

7. The Peer and the Puppet

As you guys probably already know I was on vacation in New York when I got the ARC of this and then just completely got sidetracked during a shopping trip and just read this entire book pretty much straight through.

6. Pulse

I read this one for the New Adults Book club and I didn't even realize it was an ARC until I reviewed it and saw that it only had about 10-20 reviews on Goodreads. It was honestly an A+ vampire novel, would highly recommend.

5. The Becoming of Noah Shaw

I had low hopes that I would get an ARC of this because I was just assuming it was in such high demand that I wouldn't really be on the radar for this one. When I got an email saying I got approved for an ARC I transcended. 

4. Rowan Wood Legends

I liked the first book, but it had nothing on this second book, this second one blew me away and I could not wait for the third book to come out so I could find out what happens.

3. The Darkest Star

I was originally going to post this a few weeks ago, but I'm horrible and procrastinated, but I am honestly so glad that I did because between then an now I received The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I've never been so excited. If you know me then you know I absolutely loved Obsidian, the first review I ever posted on my blog was Obsidian, it isn't public right now because it was a horrible review and I plan to fix it up, but that's just proof of how much I love it. So getting to read the spin-off about Luc has just made me so happy and this book was unputdownable. 

2. The Bourbon Thief

This was the first ARC I ever got and it was also one of the best I ever got. I was so nervous because this was the first book I was ever properly reviewing and I was so scared someone was going to tell me it was bad. It was bad, but no one told me it was bad. I actually made the review private on my blog because I do plan on making it better. Anyway, if you haven't read this book yet I would highly suggest doing so.

1. Rules of Magic

This was one of those books I didn't know I wanted and had waited so long for. I read and loved Practical Magic years ago and watched the movie years before then. When it was announced that Rules of Magic was gonna come out I was completely on board. The moment I got the ARC for this I just started reading it. It actually was a bit stop and go, but once i hit a certain point I just couldn't stop reading. It was perfect.

Have you guys ever read any ARCs? If so what was your favorite one?

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Thursday 16 August 2018

July Wrap Up

Well, we're halfway through the month and I forgot that I hadn't already posted this because my time management sucks. Better late than never.

1. Touched by Death 

I gave this book 4 stars. I had been wanting to read this book for so long and while it wasn't exactly what I expected, it didn't disappoint. Would recommend to Paranormal NA lovers.

2. Kung Fu Panda 3 

I gave this movie 4 stars. I still prefer the first and second movies to this one, but it accomplished what it was supposed to: it was fun to watch. 

3. Good Girl 

I gave this book 4 stars. Usually, I wouldn't include this kind of book in my wrap up because the central idea is really sleazy. However, it isn't as sleazy as you think it is and it actually has a really funny and cute romance. Good for romance lovers.

4. The Shadows 

I gave this book 4 stars. Minor Spoiler Alert: This is probably the only book in this series so far where it didn't have a completely satisfying ending with the two romantic interests end up together.  I'm a romance addict and I hate when the characters I love together don't end up together. I'm a sucker for a happy ending and this half delivered.

5. Antman and the Wasp

 I gave this movie 4.5 stars. Antman is not my favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, I can't ruler out the fact that I find the Antman movies absolutely hilarious. And can I just say, I looooooooooved Ava. I want to see a lot more of her.

6. The Greatest Showman 

I gave this movie 4 stars. I loved the music that was played in this movie. It was good in its context, but I don't think I'll ever listen to the playlist just on its own. Hugh Jackman's character was one of those characters that you simultaneously wanted to succeed but also fail. You root for him knowing his upbringing and his love for his wife, but then some of the other things he does just make you loathe him. His wife is too good for him.

7. The Peer and The Puppet 

I gave this book 5 stars. I read this one and just couldn't stop thinking about it. Thinking about it just now makes me want to start reading it all over again. If you love Penelope Douglas, Erin Watt, or other B. B. Reid novels then you're gonna want to read this one.

8. Hairspray 

I gave this movie 3.5 stars. While I loved the premise, I wasn't that fond of the actual execution. I didn't particularly like the music and I didn't find the main character to be that likable. I honestly, feel pretty bad for not liking it that much but I can't change the way I feel. Maybe in a few years, I'll watch it again and like it more.

9. And Playing the Role of Herself 

I gave this book 4 stars. A few months ago when doing a top 10 favorite LGBT couples post I realized the majority of my list was gay male couples and realized I need to branch out more. This is getting out of hand. I haven't read a lot of books about lesbians, but I think this one was pretty fricken good. If you guys have any recommendations for LGBT books let me know, I'd love to check them out.

10. Siren’s Lure 

I gave this book 4 stars. I saw this on Netgalley and it seemed really cool, but I didn't look it up before requesting and reading it and only after did I realize that this book was a novella of a bigger series and I feel like I've actually missed a bit of context which made this not the best read for me. I do hope to eventually read that series and reread this story in hopes I will like it more.

11. Mamma Mia! 

I gave this movie 4.5 stars. I watched a lot of musicals this month, very hit or miss. This one was probably my favorite. I had no idea what it was about until I started watching it and holy shit. I cannot believe that this girl had the balls to invite three of her mother's ex-boyfriends to the same place at the same time in hopes of figuring out which was her father. That was crazy but I loved it and I loved the characters. 

What were some of your favorite from July?

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Friday 10 August 2018

Anticipated August Releases

I thought it would be fun to do monthly posts about books I'm highly anticipating for the month. I've seen posts like these around and often think of the books I myself am excited for and so this is post 1 of hopefully many.

Catwoman: Soulstealer August 7th

This one is actually already out and if you read my preorders post then you know I preordered it. Currently, this is making it's way to my house and I'm very excited to crack into this one.

City of Ghosts August 28th

Victoria Schwab never fails to create amazing premises for her novels and I'm pretty excited to see where she goes with this one. 

Ruin of Stars August 28th

This is the sequel to Mask of Shadows, a book I read and really enjoyed last year. This is the second and final book and I'm really excited to see how this duology comes to a close.

Toil and Trouble August 28th

I love witches and I love books about women, so I'm pretty fricken excited to get this book and give it a read.

What August releases are you guys dying to get your hands on?

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Thursday 9 August 2018

Ravensong Review

Ravensong (Green Creek, #2)
by T. J. Klune

Release Date: July 31st, 2018


Gordo Livingstone never forgot the lessons carved into his skin. Hardened by the betrayal of a pack who left him behind, he sought solace in the garage in his tiny mountain town, vowing never again to involve himself in the affairs of wolves.

It should have been enough.

And it was, until the wolves came back, and with them, Mark Bennett. In the end, they faced the beast together as a pack… and won.

Now, a year later, Gordo has found himself once again the witch of the Bennett pack. Green Creek has settled after the death of Richard Collins, and Gordo constantly struggles to ignore Mark and the song that howls between them.

But time is running out. Something is coming. And this time, it’s crawling from within.

Some bonds, no matter how strong, were made to be broken.

My Thoughts:

I gave this book 5 stars. It was a hell of a lot darker than the first one which you probably wouldn’t think is possible considering how dark the first one was. While the first book started off light and then became dark, this one was dark all the way through.

This is a very slow burning book, it jumps between three different timelines: Before, when Gordo and Mark were just kids, Wolfsong, which takes place during the period of time where Joe, Kelly, Carter, and Gordo are off on their own for three years, and then After, where things finally start to come together.

There is so much we learn in this book. There was a lot that we never got to know about Gordo and Mark’s relationship from the first book that we are now getting an in-depth explanation of. 

I felt like this was a very cohesive sequel. It flowed perfectly from where the first book left off. Even though the book was about different characters it had the similar feelings while still being different. It was much like when a song shifts to another tune but it’s still part of the same song. 

A question I never asked before but often think of is what are the author's plans for Carter? He seems to be the only “straight” Bennett brother. Or is he? I think we may have another book coming to us after the Kelly and Robbie one.

During the first book in this series, I really didn’t care for Robbie. I felt like he was latching onto Ox when I just wanted Ox to be latching onto Joe. However, during this book, I felt like he really got a personality. Robbie is no longer the nuisance I found him to be in the first book and is now a character that I love.

Man, we got rid of one villain just to have two more in his place. Two more enemies were introduced in this novel, meaning that if one enemy is defeated in each book we will have at least two more books after this one, one a known villain and another a surprise that I won’t spoil for you guys.

I wasn’t as die-hard about Mark and Gordo as I was about Joe and Ox, but I did really enjoy reading their story.

Overall, if you liked the first book then I would say you would probably like this second book. I think the first is still better though, but I think it is a matter of opinion. I think some people would find that they like this one more.

Monday 6 August 2018

Books I Have Preordered

I was sitting here thinking to myself "What kind of post can I make that isn't just a repetition of everything else I've done?" and I realized that I recently preordered a whole bunch of books and thought, why not make a post about that? So if you're interested in seeing which books I have preordered right now then keep reading! Also, in case you're wondering I have them all preordered with Chapters Indigo.

Kingdom of Ash

I've been waiting years to finally read this book and obviously, I want to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Also, I know that with Sarah J. Maas books there is usually a cool preorder gift that you can apply for so if there is one for this book I definitely want to get in on it.

The Darkest Star

I didn't realize I wanted a book about Luc until Jennifer released all the information on it. It sounds so good and I can't wait to see what has become of all my favorite Lux characters after the end of the series. Also, I've heard rumors that Luc might even be better than Daemon which I don't think is possible, but I'm excited to see.

The Golden Tower

The final book in the Magisterium series and I am so pumped! All the books in this series have such beautiful hardcovers and I can't wait to have the full hardcover set. Also, I can't wait to see how it ends. 

Two Dark Reigns

I wanted the signed edition of this so I preordered it when I preordered The Golden Tower. I'm gonna have an aesthetically pleasing row of black hardcovers and I can't wait.

Queen of Air and Darkness

Do I need to explain this one? I'm gonna lose my mind because I still have to wait 4 months for this to come out. The only way I could keep myself from just dying was to preorder it.

Catwoman: Soulstealer

I have the first two books in this series and I wanted the third one. I thought I would be able to get the preorder gift for this one, but I don't live in the UK or US so I get nothing which is sad. However, all the books have cool little posters in the back so at least there's that.

The Reckoning of Noah Shaw

I got really excited when I saw some cool things on Michelle Hodkin's Instagram page. And I swooped in and ordered a signed copy because I love Mara and Noah. 

Do you guys have any books preordered? Would you be interested in a preorder giveaway?

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