Tuesday 13 March 2018

Top 10 Next Books I'll Be Reading

Some of these books I'm already reading, some I plan to get to very soon, as in within the next month or so. These aren't in order as what I want to read at any given moment always changes, but just know that these are the top contenders.

1. Tigers Dream 

I'm so very excited to read this one. I've been waiting to read this book for five years now, I've been waiting patiently for this final book in the series and I honestly didn't think it would ever come out.

2. The Bone Season

I had the sudden urge to start reading this one and so far it's really good. I'm excited to really get to the meat of the story.

3. Meet Cute

I'm all for cute short stories of people meeting. I've read the first story already and I can tell I'm gonna love this anthology.

4. The Heart Forger 

This has been something I've been ready to read and review since the moment I finished the first book. I know that the first wasn't that well received, but I can sense when a series is going to be a really good one and this one set off those senses. I really hope I'm not wrong about it.

5. From the Earth to the Shadows 

The first book was full of action and bisexual awesomeness and this one better be just as good.

6. My Name is Victoria 

I don't read enough historical YA so I'm thinking I need to start reading more of it. Starting with this lovely gem of a book.

7. Fury Born 

I've been dying to get my hands on an ARC of this and I finally did it so I will be diving into this one the first chance I get.

8. The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls

A summer read just in time for the warm weather! 

9. Something Like Summer

I am watching the movie as I write this post and I'm really interested in reading the book. 

10. You Will Be Mine

I've been a bit more into YA thrillers lately and this one sounds too good to pass up.

What are some books you guys want to read very soon? Let me know!

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