Friday 30 March 2018

Things I Will Never Do On My Blog

I feel like it's about time for me to set a few things straight. Make some rules for myself concerning this blog and how I go about everything. Maybe you guys will not actually read this post or maybe you'll learn a bit more about me as a person. Either way, I hope you guys don't mind this interruption of my usual content.

Reveal the killer in a mystery novel.  

Even if I am writing a spoiler review I don’t tell who the killer is. It’s personal preference honestly, I just figure if you really want to know who it is you can find it elsewhere. Even if you come to read one of my spoiler reviews on a mystery novel I won’t say it because that’s one of the things I don’t think should be spoiled. The only time I’d ever do that is if I was doing a Top 10 Surprise Killers or Top 10 Plot Twists list or something. 

Shit on peoples opinions

I sure as hell of strong opinions about things, but it is never my intention to make you feel bad about your own opinions. I may disagree with some other peoples opinions, but those are their own and I can’t discount points they may have. The one exception being if that person's opinion disrespects another, I'm not interested in hatred.

Spoil something without a spoiler warning

I feel like this should really go without saying, but I don’t believe in not giving a warning before spoiling something. I personally don’t mind spoilers, but there have been times when I definitely wished I hadn’t known something before reading a book or seeing a movie and I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for anyone else.

Quit blogging without saying something first

I know I go through stretches where I don’t post for a while because I do have the occasional writer's block, but I would never just quit blogging altogether without letting you guys know I would no longer be doing it. I know how horrible it is to wait for someone to post and having it not happen.

Say anything Racist/sexist/homophobic etc.

I don’t think anyone should have to worry about reading something offensive about them just because of who they are and I will never participate in the degradation of other people real or fictional. I will also let you guys know if a book I read has any of these themes in them. It’s something I feel pretty strongly about.

I hope you guys gained something from this post, it felt good for me to just lay it all down. You can look forward to my regular content tomorrow. Also, if you guys had any other rules that you wanted me to follow, I am definitely open to suggestions, as a blog is as much for the readers as it is for the author.

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