Review Policy

Review Policy:

   I am not a professional in book reviewing or any sort of professional in the literary world. I just review books because it's what I enjoy doing. I really do like most genres of books, I'm pretty openminded about reading new things. I do accept books for reviewing and make my reviews as honest as I can. I rarely, if ever review non-fiction books unless they are on a topic that I enjoy. I will state if a book was sent to me by the author or publisher in my reviews.
  •  I will accept both print and ebook. 
  • The review will be published as soon as I can get to it
  • You can contact me at or fill out this Google Form with a review request
  • I'm willing to do giveaways for my readers if you so wish.
  • I am always open to doing interviews with authors.
    Review Request:
  • Your Name
  • Your Books Title
  • A summary of your book
  • A picture of the book cover
  • Anything you might want me to add in (Snippet, message from author, etc.)
*****My reviews will have spoilers (unless it's an ARC) and if not, it will specifically be marked*****

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