Wednesday 26 July 2017

Top 5 Series's That Got Better

This one was surprisingly hard to narrow down, there are so many series's out there that started off on an okay note, but just developed into such amazing stories. I do stand by the ones I chose though, they are pretty magnificent.

5. The Vampire Academy

I enjoyed the first two books, but it just got so much better in the third book. I feel like the end of the second book was when the entire series just started to pick up the pace.

4. Gallagher Girls Series

The first book in this series was actually a bit boring. I had a harder time getting through that book than any other book in the series. I feel like it picked up a lot when Zach was introduced and he was all cute and mysterious. This is more of my preteen logic making it's way to the surface, but I still think it's plausible.

3. A Court of Thorns and Roses

The first book was in no way bad, but the difference between the first book and the second is so complete that if those two were in a contest I would instantly choose ACOMAF, because that was a trick question, there is no contest.

2. Shatter Me

The series got better as the main character changed. That was what shifted the story, the protagonist went from a pretty spineless scared little girl to a warrior. Also, my NOTP sank and my OTP got together.

1. The Mortal Instruments

Like the rest, the first few books weren't bad, I enjoyed them, but the series just got better and better as it progressed and is to this day, one of my favourite book series's.

What series's did you guys think got better? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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