Saturday 29 July 2017

Scandal Never Sleeps Review

Scandal Never Sleeps (The Perfect Gentlemen, #1)
Scandal Never Sleeps
by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake



They are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy: privileged, wealthy, powerful friends with a wild side. But a deadly scandal is about to tear down their seemingly ideal lives...

Maddox Crawford’s sudden death sends Gabriel Bond reeling. Not only is he burying his best friend, he’s cleaning up Mad’s messes, including his troubled company. Grieving and restless, Gabe escapes his worries in the arms of a beautiful stranger. But his mind-blowing one-night stand is about to come back to haunt him...

Mad groomed Everly Parker to be a rising star in the executive world. Now that he’s gone, she’s sure her job will be the next thing she mourns, especially after she ends up accidentally sleeping with her new boss. If only their night together hadn’t been so incendiary—or Gabe like a fantasy come true...

As Gabe and Everly struggle to control the heated tension between them, they discover evidence that Mad’s death was no accident. Now they must bank their smoldering passions to hunt down a murderer—because Mad had secrets that someone was willing to kill for, and Gabe or Everly could be the next target...

My Thoughts:

I gave this book 4.5 stars. This was so much more than some smutty romance, which is what I expected going into it. It had an amazing plot line that just keeps you so completely engaged, along with lovable characters.

I picked this book up just because I felt like reading some romance, as I usually do. This book is completely marketed as an Erotica, but while that was pretty good, I wasn't even interested in the romance because the plot had me hooked. I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. My head would fill with all these theories of what I thought would happen and the romance was just pushed into the background.

The worst part was that I kept trying to convince myself that Maddox hadn't really died, that his death was somehow faked or their was a failed murder attempt that he survived. I just grew to love him so much even though I knew he was dead, I just felt so much hope that maybe he hadn't died. I'm actually crossing my fingers because I want him to be alive so badly.

All of the members of the "Perfect Gentleman's" club, (is it even a club?) all had such contrasting personalities that I couldn't help but love, especially when they were all together. It felt so nostalgic even if we never got a book with them as teens. They just fit so well together, there's no one who jealous of the other, no one that's resentful. This group of men are each others family and they are happy to be just that. I love groups of friends that are that tight, it reminds me of things like Stand by Me and Stranger Things. They make me happy.

Everly was the protagonist I always dreamed of. She didn't make stupid choices. When Scott told her he thinks Gabe was going to murder her, she thought about it instead of just sneaking away right away. She didn't just blindly trust him, she actually went and talked to Dax instead of being an idiot.

What made this book so good was that I couldn't guess what was going to happen. Usually I find that mystery novels are a bit transparent and I can pick up on what's going to happen before it does, but in this book it really was a complete mystery.

I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get a scene where Everly and Sara meet.. I would have actually loved to see that happen. Sara isn't really present that much in this book, but she is a huge influence on Gabe, being his sister and all, and from what I could gather she was also really important to Maddox. It seems like they had something real going on which is another reason I hope that he's secretly alive, so he can be a dad and marry Sara because I think he really loved her.

Maddox and Everly's relationship made me feel very warm and fuzzy. At the same time I was very sad that Everly didn't find out they were siblings until after he had died. I think they were just what the other person needed to have in their lives. Another reason that I hope Maddox is secretly alive.

Overall, I know I should be catching up on things I should be reading, but instead I'm going to start the next book. That should tell you all you need to know.

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