Tuesday 25 July 2017

Top 10 Bookish Pet Peeves

Everyone having a good Tuesday? This was supposed to be ready last night, but I got a migraine, so I ended up getting up early just to make this post. I think it's well worth it though, I like my Top 10 Tuesdays.

1. Goodreads Ratings

More specifically when people rate books before reading them. I know this doesn't directly affect me, but actually, it kind of does. I look a lot at the ratings when I want to read the book, I want to know if it's worth my time, and I won't know the true consensus if people don't actually read the books before rating them.

2. Dog Eared Books

This was me in the fifth grade. All I ever did was dog-ear books and honestly, my copies of the Harry Potter series hate me. I hate me.

3. Spine Cracking

Another reason I hate fifth grade Jessie. I used to love cracking the spines to my books, I found it so satisfying but now it physically hurts me to do it. I was also guilty of doing this to my first copies of Harry Potter.

4. When people ask what book you're reading while you’re reading

Pretty self-explanatory, I don't want to be grilled on a book while I'm reading it. After I put it down, sure, I would love to tell you all about it, but not while I'm reading.

5. Running out of book space

This is currently my problem. I need more shelves, it's come to book stacking.

6. Buying a Book and Hating It

I honestly think there is nothing worse than taking a gamble and buying a thirty dollar hardcover book and then taking it home, reading it, and hating it. I just spent hard earned money on that book and it let me down.

7. When People Attack Your Opinion

I hate when I read a book and I didn't have good feelings about the book, but when I talk about these bad feelings people argue. There is nothing to argue about, these are my feelings and really don't have anything to do with other people. The only thing you arguing with me does is make me dislike the books even more because I then associate it with an argument that I don't want to be having.

8. Not knowing which book to read

When you just go through an amazing binge read of one genre and then you're out of that genre and you have to try and figure out what to read next. Impossible.

9. Character Names

Character names seems a little unspecific so let me just elaborate so this makes more sense. What I hate is when I read two books back to back and characters from the two books have the same names (I get confused). And it isn't fun, I feel like I have deja vu and I don't know how. This happens more than you think it does.

10. Reading Slumps

Different from Not Knowing What to read, because at least then I feel like reading. Reading Slumps are the worst because I don't want to read anything. I'll try and try but I just can't get into anything. Reading takes up most of my free time so when I can't read, I'm bored.

What Bookish Pet Peeves do you guys have? 

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