Thursday 6 July 2017

City of Vikings Spoiler Free Review

City of Vikings (The Viking Assassin #2)
City of Vikings 
by Farah Cook


Nora Hunt is the last of her kind from an aristocratic bloodline of Viking assassins. She is chosen by the Norse gods, to carry the map of nine Viking worlds, Yggdrasil, which is tattooed on her back. Nora was blessed by the gods with rare gifts and will become powerful when she finds the assassin weapons. With her unique gifts, she must serve and protect the Goth Empire – the oldest standing Viking monarchy, from its enemy – Verans. Her mission as assassin is to get to City of Vikings, where her father is in exile and discover the powerful Viking weapons before the enemy. The Goth Empire is in danger from Verans – who hold possession of the artifacts that call for Yggdrasil and are getting closer in finding the cryptic symbols that will open the gates to the nine worlds. The battle for Yggdrasil is about to begin. Who will rule the nine worlds of the Vikings? With a confined monarchy and weak senate trusting her to liberate them, and a heart devoted to her sworn enemy, which side will Nora chose? And will she discover the assassin weapons and win the perilous battle for the worlds of the Vikings?

My Thoughts:

*** I received an ARC from the author for an honest review***

I gave this book 4 stars. This book is an odd mix of dystopian and fantasy, I can't decide if I like that or not. It's definitely different and I commend the author for this world she has created.

After reading the first book I thought that Frederick was a very polarizing character, he was hot one minute and instantly cold the next and I did still see evidence of that in this book. I liked Frederick a lot more in this book, the relationship between him and Nora was more in depth and we got to see more dies of him and I could actually see why she liked him so much. 

What I didn't like was the love triangle that tried to sneak it's way into the story. Every time it came up I just wanted it to stop. This is probably no surprise considering how much I hate love triangles. It wasn't too present or else I would have had to give it a lower rating. 

I've noticed that not a lot of relationship development happens between Nora and her friends. They weren't friends and suddenly they were and we don't really know much about her friends other than what clan they're in or other small bits of information.

As of now, I still haven't decided how I feel about Nora. She isn't awful, I don't hate her or even dislike her, but I'm not quite sure that I love her either. I'll have to keep reading the series and see how I feel about her as we go. I feel like she hasn't gone through much character development, she's discovered a lot of new information about herself but that didn't change her very much. 

It was also a pretty predictable read, there was a bit of a plot twist/cliffhanger at the end that I guessed beforehand. Overall, it was still something i really enjoyed reading. There was no dragging on my feet while I was reading and I can honestly say that I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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