Thursday 18 May 2017

Why I Am Angry About Goodreads Shelves

Time for another rant because I've had a very stressful day where I couldn't actually fight anyone because that would mean I would get arrested or something. So I have to settle for just being angry about book related stuff. So let's start shall we.

Does anyone else here hate Goodreads Shelves spoilers?

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about whenever I go onto Goodreads and I’m interested in a book, I scroll down a bit to look at some people none spoiler thoughts. If they do have spoilers I scroll passed unless I really do feel like reading a spoiler review. But it’s incredibly hard to prevent spoilers when you look at some of the shelves people put these books on. 

I know what you’re thinking, “But Jessie, you could just not look at the shelves”, well not everyone does this. I think sometimes the shelves can tell a lot about the persons enjoyment, then I don’t have to read the whole review, I get a bit of a snapshot.

This is completely ruined when I come across shelves like “Secret baby” or “cheating”. Like, I didn’t need to know that. Sometimes people just don’t think about it and shelve it as something that will give away a huge plot point that may seem insignificant to them now that they’ve read it, but it’s huge to those who haven’t yet read the book.

Now normally I don’t mind spoilers too much, but that’s usually only if I want to read them or have someone tell me. I don’t appreciate having spoilers forced upon me like that. It makes me want to send a very angry text message with my caps locks on to anyone who does it.

So what do you guys think? Should people be more careful about what they shelve books as?


  1. RN my name on GR says "WARNING: ACOWAR SPOILERS!!!!!!!" just in case anybody sees my updates pop up. I totally understand your frustration. GR may be my one and only social media that I love; but it's so freaking outdated. It needs to update it's format. I loathe doing HTML coding. They could so easily change it.

    1. I completely agree with that. Goodreads needs to step up it's game.