Wednesday 24 May 2017

Top 5 Favourite Minor Characters

This one was kind of hard after I got number one and two done. I usually don't care much for minor characters because we don't see them all that much. So I hope you like this lis that took me forever to compile.

5. Fleetfoot

Legit the only character from the Throne of Glass series that Sarah J. Maas has guaranteed will survive. Fleetfoot may be a dog, but I love dogs so it's a completely justified thing to put her on this list.

4. Matt

He was barely there during this book, but the brief moments he appeared, he completely stole my heart. My poor little Matt.

3. Tensoon

He grew on me, what can I saw?

2. Dobby

My poor Dobby. He was a free elf and I shall love him forever. So pure and innocent was this beautiful elf. Okay, I'm getting a bit doom and gloomy about this, but I love that elf.

1. Finnick Odair

My husband. Sadly, he was only a minor character, but I still love him. He's my book husband so I won't hold it against him.

What are some of your favourite minor characters?

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