Wednesday 22 March 2017

Top 5 Angsty Romances

I'm a sucker for angst romances.
These aren't really in any particular order.

1. Katy and Daemon

Honestly it's hilarious how much they pretend to hate each other.

2. Patch and Nora

They have so much chemistry, I love them. 

3. Tate and Jared

I love it. If you haven't read Bully by Penelope Douglas yet, i highly recommend that you do. It's got a fantastic romance and an incredibly strong main character.

4. Clary and Jace

If you don't think their relationship is angsty then you need to sort out your priorities.

5. Ronan and Adam

Okay so maybe their relationship itself isn't very angsty, but Ronan is so angsty that he makes it angsty.

Which angsty romances do you love?

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