Tuesday 21 March 2017

Top 10 Fantastical Worlds I Want to Live In

Fantasy is my favorite genre, so this list really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. I just really want to live in these places and have an awesome adventure.

10. Queen of the Tearling World

I'd probably be a peasant, but I'd happily be a peasant in this world. It's so exciting.

9. The Grisha World

Not only is this where the Grisha trilogy takes place, it's also where Six of Crows takes place. This place is full of adventure and cool magic.

8. The School for Good and Evil

I mostly just want to know which school I would be in. I also want to have a fairy tale written about me. Is that too much to ask?

7. The Winner's Curse World

You can't tell me that this wouldn't be cool. You just can't.

6. The Name of the Wind World

There are dragons!!!!!

5. Under Different Stars

There is just so much cool technology and the people there live for thousands of years!

4. ACOTAR World

I don't think I really need to explain why I want to go to this one. I just need to find me a Rhysand.

3. Mistborn World

I'd most definitely be a Mistborn. No one will tell me otherwise. Therefore I need to be in this world.

2. Throne of Glass World

Would this not just be the coolest thing?

1. The Wizarding World

This one isn't exactly a fantastical world since it's a world within our own, but I want to be a part of it therefore it stays.

What fantastical worlds do you guys want to go to?

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