Tuesday 22 November 2016

Top 10 Animals

I'm sorry I haven't posted one of these in a few weeks, I was feeling rather uninspired. Thanks for being patient!

By animals I mean pets. Not shape shifters. There will be none of those on this list.

10. Buddy from Practical Magic

He was significant in that he kept Gillian from leaving Ben. He was the whole reason they worked things out. He was also really cute and loved Gillian.

9. Fleetfoot from Throne of Glass

I have a soft spot for dogs. I have an even softer spot for animals that are important to the main character in a story.

8. Blackjack from Percy Jackson

He's a pegasus! A fricken pegasus!

7. Buckbeak from Harry Potter

Hagrid loved Buckbeak so much, it was adorable.

6. Ghost from A Song of Ice and Fire

Iconic. Ghost happens to be the only living Dire wolf in the series (We don't know what happened to Arya's) He isn't he most important character, but he is the only constant in Jon Snow's life.

5. Havoc from The Iron Trial

Havoc is a symbol. Not all the chaos ridden beings are bad. He is also really important int eh main characters life. Also, really cute.

4. Bertil from Immortals After Dark

I don't even know where to start with this one. Bertil seems to be the only thing keeping Nix from going completely off her rockers. So he is really important.

3. Church and Chairman Meow from the Shadowhunter Chronicles

I couldn't choose one without the other, so here they are.

2. Chainsaw from The Raven Boys

When Chainsaw was first introduced, I got such a laugh out of her name. This little cute baby raven named Chainsaw. All I could think of in that moment was that scene from The Good Dinosaur. You either get that or you don't. I think Chainsaw's name was pretty significant. It gave us some intel on Ronan's personality. It helped us get to know him a bit better. He named this cute little fuzzy raven Chainsaw.

1. Hedwig from Harry Potter

Hedwig was there on day one. Reading Harry Potter wouldn't have been the same without Hedwig. She was a minor character, but that didn't matter because she was a huge part of the main characters life. When she died I cried. They were honest tears, not because I felt bad for Harry having his pet taken from him, but because she meant a lot to me too.

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