Tuesday 8 November 2016

Fairy Tales in Real Life Book Tag

I saw this and it looked new and fun so I decided to do it.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: A contemporary trope where a motherly/fatherly figure guides a misguided protagonist. 

Okay, so the character I'm thinking of isn't exactly a parent, but they do guide the main characters. That person would be Mrs. Peterson from Perfect Chemistry. Now, while there is an adult in each book in the series, the one my mind always goes to is Mrs. Peterson, mostly because she is their chemistry teacher and chemistry is in the name... Also because she is the OG.

PRINCE CHARMING: A contemporary character who takes on a heroic “quest” or “act” for his or her love interest. 

I chose Bo from a World Without You. He thinks that he accidentally sent his love interest to a different time, so he spend the better part of the book trying to save her and get her back. He doesn't, but it's the thought that counts.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT: The contemporary trope of giving in to temptation.

I chose the Bourbon Thief. Now this one is a huge spoiler so I can't say much, but just know that it's there.

WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT: A contemporary trope where the characters must fear an impending moment.

I chose A Monster Calls, now this book I am counting as a contemporary because all of the "Fantasy" elements, I feel, are more in the protagonist's head.

THE BIG BAD WOLF: An antagonist so powerful that the hero feels helpless against it/her/him. 

I chose Perks of Being a Wallflower because there are times in the novel where you can tell that Charlie is completely at the mercy of his mental illness. He can't control it and at times it controls him.

THE POWER WITHIN: A contemporary example of unexpected power from a character who imagines themselves to be ordinary. 

I chose Aysel from My Heart and Other Black Holes, she spent most of this book planning to die, she just felt worthless and hated herself. She thought everyone around her hated her or didn't care, but she then decided by the end of the book that she could do it. She could handle life.

THE GRAND BALL: A contemporary trope wherein a character faces a major moment in “fitting in”. 

I chose 13 Reasons Why. Everything that happened in this book happened because Hannah couldn't quite fit in, she had her name run through the mud, people thought she was this huge slut. She wasn't and no matter what she did, that reputation continued to follow her around. 

FAIREST OF THEM ALL: A contemporary pressure for outer beauty that challenges the importance of inner beauty.

I chose the Summer I Turned Pretty. It's literally in the title. Pretty. I loved this book, but the one thing that really bothered me about the book is that the main character had to change her looks, become "Pretty" just so that guys would notice her. Every Summer and they don't care about her, well they do, but just as a friend, then they realize that she looks good and suddenly they both want to be with her. 

THE EVIL STEPMOTHER: A contemporary character who invokes anger or resentment for stepping into another’s role. 

I chose Anna from Anna and the French Kiss. Okay if you haven't read the book yet, I would suggest looking away. This one was a bit different than most stories because the main character was actually the one who stepped into someone else shoes. Anna comes to this school and makes these friends. They used to be this tight nit group until one of the girls Elle, went off to university. Anna takes her place and she ends up having so much conflict with some of the group members. It was intense.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER: The contemporary belief in finding happiness at the end – even when the road to get there had its struggles.

I'll Give You the Sun is without a doubt a sad book, actually it was really, very sad, but it was all resolved in a believable way. It wasn't like everything was perfect in the end, it wasn't, but the characters were happy. I finished this book with the biggest grin on my face. I was full of this internalized joy. It was perfect.

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