Wednesday 15 June 2016

Top 5 Father Figures

Mild Spoilers

5. Kit from the Summoning

He wasn't really there for the first two books, he was just mentioned, but in the third he came in and took care of all these wayward teens and he did everything he could to keep them safe, even those that were not his own kids.

4. Belial from Sweet Evil

He is so protective of Anna it's actually really cute. He seemed to be a bad guy but then he reformed his ways for his daughter.

3. Poseidon from Percy Jackson

All the other Gods and Goddesses can't seem to care less about there children, even when they care they aren't exactly friendly with them. Poseidon, however, is so close to Percy, giving him all sorts of advice, paying him visits. Guys, Poseidon went to Percy's birthday party. Is this something that a God normally does? I don't think so.

2. Luke from The Mortal Instruments

Luke wasn't Clary's biological father, but he treated her as if she was his own. He protected her with his life, loved her like a father did a daughter.

1. James Potter from Harry Potter

I know he's dead and all, he wasn't around much because of that, but he was a huge part of the story. Let's talk about that first scene with him where he sacrifices his life for his family. He is without a wand, yet he provokes Voldemort so that Lily and Harry can escape. He died thinking he had given them a chance. Lily may have died, but Harry didn't.

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