Monday 16 April 2018

The End Book Tag (Original)

I was at my volunteer job working away and for some reason whenever I'm there I think about The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz, specifically the ending. I don't know why it is that I always think of that book while I'm there, just that I do. Today I just had the best idea for a book tag. Naming the different types of book endings and choosing a book for that specific ending. I should probably give you a bit of a spoiler warning because even though I'm not actually getting into what happens I am giving away the type of ending the book has. So if you're very sensitive to spoilers I would suggest not reading this one.

The WTF Ending - A book that made you scratch your head 

The Catastrophic History of You and Me. I'm honestly still confused by what happened at the end of the book. I really don't understand what happened. If anyone would like to explain it to me please do.

The Cliffhanger - A book that left you on the edge

Darken the Stars. The worst part about this cliffhanger is that this is the last book in the series. At least with every other book that has a cliffhanger, you get some reprieve when you get to the next book. BUT THERE IS NO NEXT BOOK WITH THIS ONE WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!

The Sad - A book that left you in a puddle of tears

A Dog's Purpose. This book is the reason I'm no longer allowed to read books about animals. I get way too invested and I cried the entire time I was reading it and the ending was just too much for me. I was on the verge of having a mental breakdown.

The Epic Ending - An ending to a book that absolutely blew your mind

A Court of Mist and Fury. Do I even need to say it? Everyone who has read ACOMAF knows just how epic that ending was. Sarah J. Maas has written a million amazing endings to her novels, but this is by far the best one yet. 

The Happy End - A book that gave you the warm and fuzzies when it was over

Cracked Kingdom. This book ended off with the cutest epilogue ever. So many ends are tied up and there are things that left for the reader to imagine. I find it funny that this has a happily ever after considering the entire series is about Royals.

The Epiphany Ending - A book that made you look at the world differently when you finished it

I'll Give You The Sun. This book made me realize that no matter how bad things get, it'll get better. The sun will end up shining and you're going to be happy again.

The Triumphant End - A book that made you think "hell yeah" when you finished it

Ignite Me was a rollercoaster ride. The ending was so incredibly badass. The entire book was pretty badass, but the ending really took the prize. I honestly think the author could have ended the series at that point perfectly, however, I'm still happy she decided to continue the series.

The Bittersweet End - An Ending that was both happy and sad

The Bourbon Thief was the reason I made this post so it seems only fair that I include it here. The Bourbon Thief has a very bittersweet ending, justice is served, but there are also some pretty sad things that we find out about the current day. I won't get into the details cause I actually really want you guys to read this book for yourselves. Just know that for every sad moment is another happier moment to counteract it.

I always feel like the team captain choosing players in gym class whenever I do a tag because I don't want to leave anyone out. I don't like picking favorites, therefore, anyone who wants to do the tag can do so. 

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