Wednesday 18 April 2018

Top 5 Ideal Book Mash Ups

I was really excited to do this post this week because this is actually something I think about quite a bit. Now I know I couldn't get all of them, there are so many others I would love to include, however, these are the top 5.

1.  Harry Potter / Percy Jackson

It’s mandatory that I put this on this list because I’m pretty sure everyone’s thought about it at one point or another. It would just be really fucking cool. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I’d really love to read it.

2. Fall Away Series / Devils Night Series

This one is different than the others on this list because both of these series' are written by the same author, so theoretically it could happen. So many heads would but, and maybe, just maybe, it will happen in the Fall-Away spin off series. Their children could get together. There will probably be fist fights. 

3. Black Dagger Brotherhood / IAD

I just really like both of these series’s and I binged the fuck out of both of them and they could work. I don’t know how they would incorporate them, but I’m sure it would be fucking awesome. 

4. Throne of Glass / Shadowhunters

I really just want to see Celaena interact with some people. Mainly Jace and Magnus. You can’t tell me this wouldn’t be a hilarious and badass crossover.

5. IAD / Lords of the Underworld

See this one is probably the most likely to happen because if I recall correctly, there was a reference to the Lords of the Underworld in one of the IAD book from Nix. Also, I’m pretty sure the two authors are really good friends and I feel like they’ve been hinting at doing it. They really need to stop teasing me, I want to see it.

What mashups would you guys love to see? 

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1 comment:

  1. Hey, cool list! Let me think if I have any ideas...
    I think I'd like to see a mash-up of Kate Daniels/October Daye/Mercy Thompson, to see how they'd collaborate (or not) to fight the Big Bad.
    I'd also like to see Percy Jackson/Magisterium.