Tuesday 9 January 2018

Top 10 Ships of 2017

This is one of my favorite lists to make each year, I love romance! Disclaimer, some of these ships are spoilers and some of these ships aren't actually together that we know of, so be aware of that going into this. Also, if there is an obvious couple that you thought should have been on here but wasn't, it may just be because they were on last years list or are already a known fave or mine from before 2017 even began. Which is why you won't find ships such as Noah Shaw and Mara Dyer or Feyre and Rhysand on this list.

10. Lucca and Chloe

I've been quietly shipping these two for a year or two now and since I've finally read their book I can now officially have them on this list. Lucca is kinda scary and Chloe is definitely not, so I think they're a good pair. 

9. Simon and Blue

I fell in love with these two at the very end of the year. This was my final book of 2017 and it was a good one. We get to fall in love with Blue as Simon does. Their relationship is so pure and there is the giddiness of first love that I fell in love with.

8. Gabe and Everly

I didn't even mean to read their book but I read an excerpt and was completely taken by surprise by how much their relationship pulled me in. I discovered an amazing series because of their relationship and so it makes it onto this list. Although I love Lana and Connor too, Everly and Gabe were the first to win me over and so they made this list.

7. Celia and Marco

This relationship had a bit of instalove, but even though these characters flirted with each other a lot and obviously had eyes for each other, it didn't happen straight away. Their love for one another made everything they did worth it.

6. Reed and Ella

I love Hate to Love relationships. This was the prime example of this. Ella was a protagonist that we couldn't help but root for and Reed was that asshole that we wanted her to outsmart while simultaneously wanting them to make out. 

5. Grey and Frances/Libby

I was so surprised by how much I loved these two. From reading the synopsis of the book we instantly think that Grey, the senator's son is a horrible person who participates in cover-ups. He is so much more than that and the feelings that Grey and Libby have for one another felt very real. I just wish I had gotten more of them.

4. Rowan and Lyall

This one was very weird to me. I can't say I really shipped this one at first, I didn't hate the idea, but I wasn't sure it was going to play out well. The entire story was a bit strange so I can't really say their relationship was out of place, I can, however, say I liked how different it was. It was a bizarre pairing, but it worked well.

3. Ace and Catori

This one seemed to come out of left field and I am not mad about it. They have so much chemistry, way more than Cat had with the other two love interests from the first book. 

2. Ty and Kit

These two aren't actually together, but I can tell that that's probably where it's going. I love these two together so much. Ty doesn't really like anyone but Livvy, but he likes Kit, so...

1. Banks and Kai

These two! Their weird relationship is just so sexy and angst filled. I can't stop reading about them, I honestly wish their book was longer because I just want more of these two. Penelope Douglas did an amazing job with these two.

Special shoutout to Rules of Magic because there were so many amazing ships that I just couldn't choose one. They are in a spot all their own.

Who did you guys ship this year?

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