Tuesday 16 January 2018

Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2017

Okay, okay, this is going to be my last post about 2017 I swear! I totally cheated and put some old favorites on this list. I am guilty but I don’t care because I love them and did read their books this year.

10. Evan

Evan is such a cutie. He’s a Wasian like me and he has an English accent! I’m a sucker for accents even if I can’t hear it because he’s in a book. 

9. Nikolai Karimov

I just want to give Nikolai a hug and while I’m there just never let go. 

8. Nero

Nero was a total contradiction. He is a member of the mafia and being that I have read a lot of romances about the mafia I noticed a general theme of men being dominant and always wanting to be dominant and never letting their significant others do things. Nero was a little like that, but he was also completely supportive of Una’s abilities. He was turned on by her ability to fucking fight and take care of herself and I need a man like this. 

7. Kiro

Kiro is savage and hot and I loved reading from his perspective. I usually prefer to read from the woman’s perspective in straight romances as I find I am completely perplexed by men, but there was something about Kiro that made me stand at attention every time the novel was in his perspective.

6. Kai Mori

Another Wasian! I just have a thing for Wasians, they are, in my personal opinion, some of the hottest people out there. There is also the fact that he does so much crazy shit and he isn’t afraid to do it. Also, he goes after what he wants and I love that about him.

5. Reed Royal

These Royals will ruin you. Yes, yes they will.

4. Ace

I kind of overlooked Ace in the first book of the series, he was just a side character no one really cared about. In the second book, he became a hell of a lot more important and I loved the shift in his character. 

3. Rhysand

So I didn’t put him and Feyre on my top 10 Ships of the year post, but I’m hoping I can make up for it by putting him on my book boyfriends list. 

2. Noah Shaw

I love Noah more than ever especially after reading the first book in the Shaw Confessions series. He’s as smarmy as ever and his love for Mara and so endearing. I love him.

1. Damon Salvatore

I finally read the final Vampire Diaries book (the original ones actually written by L. J. Smith) and so I can once again have Damon on my book boyfriends list. He’s been my fictional boyfriends for 7 years. He deserves to be number 1.

Who was your number one book boyfriend/girlfriend of 2017?


  1. My favourite one would probably be Ezra from Illuminae, Luca from the blood for blood trilogy and maybe Baz from Carry On.

  2. I love Rhys, Rowan and Aedion Ashryver, the Wolf of the North. :)