Friday 19 January 2018

Sorting Book Characters into Hogwarts Houses

I've written a lot of reviews where I will sort a character into a Hogwarts house to try and explain to everyone what that person is like. I then had the idea to maybe make a post where I sort four characters into a house and then I talk about why I would put them there. It seemed fun to me so I'm doing it. Maybe I'll do more if I feel the urge to.

Percy Jackson 


I know a lot of people would probably put Percy in Gryffindor because he is very brave and he has a lot of qualities that are very Gryffindor, but being sorted into a house also has to do with that person's values. I think Percy has very Hufflepuff like values, he cares so much about other people and he wouldn’t even do the bravery thing if it wasn’t for the ones he cares about. 

Rose Hathaway 


Rose is very brave and she seems really into that. She’s basically the picture of Gryffindor in my mind. I don’t think I could imagine her being in any other house. 

Celeana Sardothian/Aelin Galathynius 


I’ve thought about this one long and hard, Celeana could really be in any of the houses, she loves reading and learning, she’s also insanely brave, but at the end of the day, I think she is so incredibly cunning and ambitious that I would just have to put her into Slytherin. 



She’s a Ravenclaw. There is no doubt in my mind, this girl writes fan fiction. There is no possible way she wouldn’t be in Ravenclaw unless she pulled a Harry and really wanted to be in another house. She is so smart in her own way, her forte is writing and she does it with love.

Do you guys agree with my sorting, or would you sort them into different houses?

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