Wednesday 4 October 2017

Top 5 Books Featuring Witches

This weeks prompt seems like it was made for me. I love a good witchy novel, probably more than most. I love witches. I'm going to put these in order of their love of their general witchyness, not in the order of best book to worst book. This is solely based on the witch element.

5. Hex Hall

The first time she accidentally did magic she turned her hair purple. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This book was full of magic and trying to figure out where the protagonist came from and what she was and how she could fit into this world. It was also hilarious.

4. Talking to Dragons

It's been a long time since I read this book, but I know it must be good because I enjoyed it back when I hated reading. The story was very whimsical and fun, the protagonist being on his own a lot of the time trying to figure his powers out and then finding someone else like him and then there's double the magical fun. Amazing.

3. Harry Potter

The only time Harry Potter will ever be third on a list, I can promise you that. This is only third because this series never gave me the conventional witchy feeling that others on this list did. They went to a magical school, boys and girls alike and they were actually learning things. In my mind the conventional witch is Stevie Nicks.

2. Practical Magic

This book is an OG witch novel. The very atmosphere of the book feels magical. The way the author writes it, you know these characters aren't just any characters in just any world. This is something special, these characters are special.

1. The Witches

This book is all about witches, from myths to actually meeting them in person. This book made my childhood amazing, albeit a little frightening because I was too young to be watching that movie. This book is the embodiment of witches.

What books about Witches do you guys love?

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