Tuesday 10 October 2017

Top 10 Classic Paranormal Creatures

Well in most places it probably isn't even still Tuesday, but I live on the West Coast so for me it's still technically Tuesday so I'm going with it.

I'm keeping the creatures on this list simple. The classic monsters such as werewolves, vampires, witches, angels, demons, and fairies. The stuff that have all kinds of myths and legends around them. Nothing new or made up, no gods or demigods or other obscure creatures of the night. Just the classics.

Some of these also have spoilers being that some of the characters aren't open with who they are right off the bat. So if you keep reading there may be some spoilers ahead.

10. Derek

As a character Derek probably isn't my favorite, but whenever I think supernatural creature and werewolf, he is always the first one to pop into my mind. He is the quintessential werewolf.

9. Cole St. Claire

This werewolf just has the strangest personality and I'm completely drawn to it. Cole St. Claire is maybe not the best person in the world, but he is a really interesting werewolf with a purposeful backstory.

8. Ace

A fae who recently swooped in and stole my heart, pun intended. I didn't see it coming but it happened and I just want more of him.

7. Patch Cipriano

I don't know what to refer to him as. Angel? Fallen Angel? Could really be either, although I did prefer him while he was a fallen angel so I guess we'll stick with that. He's a bad boy with a soft heart. You kind of don't know how far he'll go at times, but it doesn't matter because he knows where the line is. 

6. Damon Salvatore

Damon is the OG book boyfriend. He was the one who ignited my love for vampire novels in the first place. I regret nothing, just like him.

5. Will Herondale

This half angel half human is the love of my life. He is such a perfect character. Sarcasm and jokes to hide his pain, his love of books, him loving the people around him so much that he is willing to give up everything he ever wanted to make sure that they were happy. Will is too good for this world which is why he is fictional.

4. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is the best role model for young girls. She's smart and brave and ruthless when she needs to be. She's the brightest witch of her age and we love her for it.

2. + 3. Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov

I couldn't decide which one had to be 2 and which one had to be 3. So they get to share the title of both because I love them both equally. As you probably know they are both Dhampires, half human half vampire hybrids. And they are both incredibly badass. These two were the only two characters from the same book series that I even considered putting both of on this list because I just couldn't choose between them.

1. Celaena Sardothian

This one is a huge spoiler as you don't know anything about her being magical throughout the first book and maybe half of the second book. So the fact that she is half fae comes as a bit of a surprise. What shouldn't surprise you is the she is number one of this list. I am pretty sure she was number one on my list of favorite characters in general. She's a badass with or without her magic.

Who are some of your favorite classic Paranormal Creatures?

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