Wednesday 27 July 2016

Top 5 Unlikable Characters

5. Adam from Shatter Me

I was team Warner from the beginning, I loved him even when he was evil, so that meant I basically hated everything Adam stood for. He was treating Juliette like she was fine china until she wouldn't do as he said and then he would get mad and be so mean to her. And then later on, he knew that Warner was his brother and he didn't say anything to him, he didn't even tell Warner about the little brother that they had. Adam is a selfish jerk that I wouldn't date in a million years.

4. Bella Swan from Twilight

Okay do I really need to go over this one? Bella Swan was a Mary Sue. Literally nothing was wrong with her other than being a little bit clumsy, and I don't really think that one counts because Edwards always saves her. So it really isn't even a flaw. Plus all she cares about is her boyfriend. She treats her dad like shit because he "Doesn't understand." 

3. Zoey Redbird from the House of Night Series

I started this series when I was pretty young so Zoey at one point, was my favourite character ever. I loved her, she seemed so great, but as I got older I started to realize how annoying and bitchy she was. At one point in the book she had like 2 different boyfriends. It was insane. And then even with her two boyfriends she wasn't satisfied and then went and cheated on both of them. Am I supposed to support that? She was the worst.

2. Kelsey from the Tiger's Curse

You're supposed to have a certain bond with the main character when you read a book. You just want the best for them and you want them to be happy and brave. I had no such feelings for Kelsey, she was just such a bitch. Ren told her that he loved her and she was like "No, you don't know how you feel." and then left him. She didn't even stick around. And then there was just a whole bunch of other bullshit that she did that pissed me off. Let's just say that my favourite part in the series was when she had her leg ripped off by the shark.

1. Shay from Nightshade

Okay, so usually you're not supposed to hate the guy that the protagonist of the story ends up with, but I wanted to slice this guys neck, pull out his trachea and then feed it to him. He was just so condescending at times and I thought he was really manipulative. Another reason I hated him, is probably because there was a love triangle and I liked the other guy more and he didn't end up with Calla so double the hate on Shay. I wish he had died.

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