Tuesday 7 November 2017

Top 10 Most Hated Book Characters

This could also be Top 10 Books Characters I Hated With a Burning Passion. That's' how much I hate these Characters. I hate all these characters so much that I honestly don't know how to rank them other than my number one. The rest of the characters are interchangeable in order.

10. Arin (Spoilers)

He basically date raped a girl while she was drunk, then he was an overall coward, he killed innocent people and got away with all of that. I actually cheered when he died. I was actually sad that his death didn't last longer. 

9. Kelsey

I hated Kelsey so much that my favorite part of the series was when her leg got ripped off by a shark. That should tell you how much this girl ticked me off.

8. Zoey Redbird

Zoey was a Mary Sue of the worst kind. She was basically the full package and went around slut-shaming every other girl for things she also did. She was just such a hypocrite and so very Holier than thou that I had the hardest time finishing the series.

7. Shay

This one goes way back. I actually liked Shay at first, but he just kept doing these little things that pissed me off. This coupled with the fact that I loved Ren, my relationship with Shay was doomed to fail.

6. Adam Kent

Adam is somehow still loved by a lot of Shatter Me fans. I don't understand it as he really pisses me off and I really can't stand him, but I'm gonna respect the fact that others may like him. I'm just gonna say that I think he's controlling.

5. Macey from Her Book Boyfriend

I hated her so much that I couldn't even finish the book. She was a "Mary Sue" in everyone's minds, but us readers could see that she was terrible. She was so misogynistic and fueled by gender stereotypes. She was also just really rude to the girls she was breaking up with for her friend. 

4. Tamlin the Tool

He was a character I once loved, but then he became distant and over controlling of Feyre. Then their relationship just became toxic, he just was not good for her and she deserved so much better.

3. Drake from The One Memory of Flora Banks

This piece of crap, I can't even get into why I hate him without spoiling the entire book. Just know that he is a piece of crap.

2. Jackson from Poison Princess

Jackson is borderline abusive. Not even physically, it's more of a mental abuse he inflicts on Evie. And she just takes it thinking she deserves it and I honestly think their relationship is just so toxic and I can't stand it, which is why I still haven't finished the series.

1. Umbridge

Try and find a more universally hated character and you will fail. Umbridge is the epitome of everything we as people hate. We could live with Voldemort, but we could not live with Umbridge, she needed to die.

Which Book Characters did you absolutely hate?

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