Thursday 9 November 2017

Scion of the Fox Spoiler Free Review

Scion of the Fox (The Realms of Ancient, #1)
Scion of the Fox
by S. M. Beiko


As the winter ice begins to thaw, the fury of a demon builds — all because one girl couldn’t stay dead . . .

Roan Harken considers herself a typical high school student — dead parents, an infected eyeball, and living in the house of her estranged, currently comatose grandmother (well, maybe not sotypical) — but she’s uncovering the depth of the secrets her family left behind. Saved from the grasp of Death itself by a powerful fox spirit named Sil, Roan must harness mysterious ancient power . . . and quickly. A snake-monster called Zabor lies in wait in the bed of the frozen Assiniboine River, hungry for the sacrifice of spirit-blood in exchange for keeping the flood waters at bay. Thrust onto an ancient battlefield, Roan soon realizes that to maintain the balance of the world, she will have to sacrifice more than her life in order to take her place as Scion of the Fox.

American Gods meets Princess Mononoke in this powerful first installment of a trilogy sure to capture readers’ imaginations everywhere.

My Thoughts:

I would like to thank the author and publisher for sending me a physical final copy after my difficulty reading the eARC.

I gave this book 4 stars. Scion of the Fox was unexpected. after trying to read the eARC and having an impossible time doing so, I didn’t have very high hopes for the rest of it. However, the author completely turned that around. I loved this book. It was full of complex characters and the thickest of plots, and a relationship that I’m not sure will ever even happen, but I’m really excited for.

I was kind of stupid and I read someone else’s review before finishing this book. I know, that’s the number 1 no-no for book reviewing, but I was looking for something specific (I didn’t find it), but I am happy to report that I didn’t actually agree with this other review of the book. That review was a bit negative, especially about the ending of the book. I, however, think it ended on a good note. It was left a bit open-ended because this is going to be a series and the epilogue was there to get you even more excited for the next book in the series. 

Roan was a character that I needed a bit of getting used to, but once that was all said and done with I grew to love her as a character. She wasn’t annoying or overly rude. She had no sense of entitlement or whiny at all. I genuinely liked her as a character. Reading the first chapter snippet of the second book at the end of this book, it doesn’t seem like she’ll be in it, or she may come in later. It really isn’t clear as of yet, but I really hope she is in the next one because I don’t think I’m done with her quite yet.

I like the dynamic going on between Roan and Eli. They spent most of the book hating each other and fighting, not just in the “I like you so I’m going to pick on you” kind of way, I mean the “I’m going to actively try to murder you” kind of way. They have something going on and I am here for it. I could see something possibly happening. Possibly. I would really like it if it did.

What I loved was that it was set in Canada. I find that most books are set in the U.S. and reference a lot of things only Americans are very familiar with such as historical events that are smaller than full-blown wars. It was nice to actually understand what was being referenced for once, such as Red River. Not enough books are set in Canada and usually if they are they take place in Toronto or just Ontario in general. It’s a bit annoying, so this book was very refreshing.

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