Monday 11 September 2017

Her Book Boyfriend Spoiler Free Review

Her Book Boyfriend (The Awkward Duckling #1)
Her Book Boyfriend
by K. R. Grace


She believes the secret to love is in the tropes of her favorite romance novels. He’s the best friend prepared to prove her wrong.
Then comes the bet.
If she can’t land a boyfriend for prom by recreating the ten popular tropes in her favorite romance author’s books, she has to go to the prom with her.
The glitch?
They’ve been close their entire lives. He’s the rock god and school legend, while she’s the brainy sidekick who does all his dirty breakups. Thus, finding a guy who doesn’t think they’re already an item is going to be a lot harder than she thinks.
Will she land the book boyfriend of her dreams? Or will she be forced to go to prom with her best friend.

The truth is in the pages.

My Thoughts:

*** I received a copy through Netgalley for an honest review***

I gave this book one star. I went into this expecting a cute fluffy romance, a light read. Instead a got something rage inducing laden with misogyny. It was probably the worst book I read this year it made me so angry.

A book about a bookworm, what’s not to love? Well, a lot of things. I was really liking the protagonist, up until we found out about her list and she started saying things all these misogynistic things, like no, this is the twenty first century, girls can protect themselves. It bothered me more that she said this to her guy friends who were like “No, that’s stupid”. I’m a bit shocked by this.

The entire premise of this book was so interesting and cute, but the way it actually played out didn’t live up. The same girl who said “… it’s their [men’s] job to protect women” also had the thought “why does everyone think I was this helpless little zebra just waiting to be turned into a lions dinner?”

This book was also slightly offensive, but it didn’t know it was being offensive, that’s what made it worse. It made this 144 page book feel more like 500 pages.

The protagonist just got worse as the story went on, I wanted to shake her so hard because she was just so stupid. She would state a set of standards and then break those standards. Also, she was a Mary Sue, there was “nothing” wrong with her, and all the guys she “dated” became stalkers near the end because they loved her so much. It was sickening to read.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Usually I try to have something nice to say, but I have nothing this time.

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