Thursday 16 February 2017

Aspects of a Favourite Book

I already posted this on Books Amino, but I figured this was actually something I would want to post on here, so here I am.

All my favourite books pretty much have most of these in common.


Who doesn't like to laugh? I don't know, and if I ever meet one I will keep my distance. Honestly, humorous can save a book. I could hate every other aspect, but I can't completely hate a book if it's funny.


Tears mean that the book really reached me on an emotional level. I can't ignore that. Whether the tears are happy or sad, I love a book that can make me cry.


You have to like at least some of the characters in a book or you won't connect to the story. You won't relate to it. So I think characters are the backbone of a good book.


A good plot is the head attached to the backbone. Without a good plot the story would be meaningless and useless. You need a good plot to keep you engaged.


Friends make the whole journey worth while. I may like to spend a lot of time alone, but I don't like being lonely, so it's good to still have people there for you.


Whether it's family love, friend love, or romantic love, I need it in a book. I don't like reading books that lack some sort of strong bond. I have a hard time engaging with a story if there isn't any sort of loving relationship in it.


I love it when a book is empowering. Strong female characters, smart, bold, fun, classy, sometimes not so classy, but strong anyway. Books that don't hate on anyone. Unless that someone is the antagonist then proceed. I don't like hate, I like mutual respect between people.

Writing Style

Each authors voice is different. I like hearing those different voices. I like it even more when I can pick up a book at random and know right away who's writing it is. One that stands out to me most is Maggie Stiefvater. She just has a way with words and I don't know how she does it.

Left Me Thinking

The ending just left me mind blown. I keep thinking about the book for days, even weeks after I finish it. I wonder where all the characters would be at this time, what they might be doing. Did they resolve that little thing that we never found out about in the book? Are they going to be okay? Are they happy?

What are some of your favourite aspects of books?

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