Sunday 21 February 2021

Books I have Preordered Pt 2

I was looking back through some old posts and I noticed this post I did about 3 years ago where I just talked about books I had on preorder. I completely forgot that I made that post and I decided to do another one just for fun. I also just wanted to mention that if you are able to you should consider preordering books you are excited about. It helps support authors you like as it tells their publishers that their book is in demand and will sell. I always like to preorder books I'm really excited about, especially for debut authors.

1. Better Together: A Novel

I have high hopes for this next book. I know the reviews for her first book were really mixed and I can definitely see where that comes from. I'm excited to see where she chooses to go from there. I'm of the opinion that a good author can only get better. Now that she's had that first book under her belt, I feel like this one will be a lot better.

2. Bridge Of Souls 

I've decided I love this series and I want this series to have a million books in it. I just want it to be one of those kids book series' that have like 20 books before ending. That would be the dream. I'm so excited for this release.

3. Chain of Iron

This is probably my most anticipated book of 2021. Of course, I had to preorder it. I want it as soon as I can possibly get it.

4. A Court Of Silver Flames

I've been waiting for this book for so long that I'm kinda scared to read it. I'm really excited though and I got the Indigo Special Edition so extra exciting!.

5. Rule Of Wolves

I haven't actually read the first book yet, but I know that once I start I'm going to want to binge read them so I decided I needed to have it for when that does happen.

6. Witches Steeped In Gold

This is so exciting. I mentioned this in my most anticipated books of the year post, but they had me at Witches. It was an immediate preorder. Also is this cover not gorgeous? I want that on my shelf.

7. Daughter Of Sparta

I've forgotten a little bit about what this book is about, but I did that on purpose because I do know it sounded good and I was really excited. I want to go into this knowing the bare minimum. It sounded really good though, it must-have for me to have preordered it.

8. Any Way the Wind Blows

I've been dying to read this final book since I finished the last one. After reading that last book I had this renewed sense of excitement for reading about these characters. 

9. She Drives Me Crazy

I'm a sucker for an LGBTQ+ high school romance. This is an enemies-to-lovers romance between a basketball player and a cheerleader as you can see from the cover. 

10. The Nobleman's Guide To Scandal And Shipwrecks

After finishing the last book I've been dying to catch up with the characters and get to know the youngest brother. 

11. Mister Impossible 

This is another book where I preordered it without finishing the first book because I know that once I start this series I'm going to binge read it.

12. You Will Get Through This Night

I mentioned before that I don't usually read YouTuber books, but I feel like this one is a little different. I like Dan Howell and I actually want to read his story, plus he actually had help from a psychologist to help him with accuracy. I actually think this is going to be a good book. 

13. The Last Confessions Of Mara Dyer And Noah Shaw

I am simultaneously excited and terrified to see how their story ends. Things are not looking too good at the moment, but I have hope that they will get better. Fingers crossed. 

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