Wednesday 10 February 2021

Anti Haul Weekly

Every Morgan Matson book

(Got this picture from Mostly YA Lit)

My thoughts:

I realize I could have stretched this out and done a post for every book, but they all sort of blur together for me so I don't really care to do that. Her books were huge a few years ago, but the hype just died. I read one of her books (don’t ask me which one. I don’t remember and I don’t care to look it up) and I felt like I had read every single one of them. It was a really garbage book and really made me not want to read any of the others. All I remember is that the main character's best friend disappeared and then she immediately went after her best friend's ex-boyfriend. It was after that that I realized me and Morgan Matson were not compatible. For me there are two types of fun contemporary romances: The ones like these that just are not very good, and the ones that are just so fun to read, they aren't too heavy, but still so fun. I got no joy from reading that one book. 

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