Friday 28 September 2018

Rave: Antiheroes

It's been so long since I've done one of these and that's because I made this Rant and Rave platform to let out everything I'm angry about and everything I'm absolutely crazy about, but it just hasn't been happening as much. I'm not as angry as previously and I guess that's a good thing.

Everyone loves a hero. Or almost everyone, however, heroes can be a bit tiring. They're just such upstanding citizens and can sometimes just be unrelatable.

There's a reason that Deadpool was so popular when it came out. People found him to be relatable, and funny, and the lack of rules made his story exhilarating. Deadpool wasn't a completely bad guy, there was a reason for what he did, but he didn't ever try to save lives when negotiating with villains. He had skewed morality, but he still had morality which kept him from killing people he deemed innocent. He isn't full-blown evil like a villain, but he definitely isn't a hero.

This is also why people love V. E. Schwab's Vicious so much. We had two characters that could easily have been villains and pitted them against each other without a sense of which side was right and which side was wrong.

Whenever I think of Antiheroes and heroes and villains one quote from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series always comes to mind because I feel like it really captures different alignments.

People like heroes, but they are never quite as popular as the characters that are a bit morally grey. It's because people don't like perfect characters. Speaking from my own experience, I like characters that are a bit flawed, that have issues, that don't always do the right thing because they're more believable. It's all about relatability. It's hard to relate to a character who always does things because "it's the right thing to do" and much easier to relate to a character that does things because of something more personal.

Thoughts? Do you guys love or hate antiheroes?

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