Tuesday 8 May 2018

Top 10 Books That Deserve More Hype

I’m talking books I loved that I never hear people talk about. Books I think more people should read because they are truly fantastic books. I made another list similar to this a while back and I don’t really know how to explain to you the difference other than with this one a lot of people may have read them, but I think that these books deserve to get some recognition as I never hear people talk about them. Excluding myself.

1. Wilder

I don’t know what it is, but I just love the way this author writes people. I can’t get enough! This series is centered around a group of friends who are all strong young women who are magical in their own ways.

2. Scion of the Fox

The author sent me a copy of this book and not only does it have a cool AF cover, it also has a cool AF story inside. This is one of the books on the list that just doesn’t have many ratings or reviews, but I think it should be more hyped up. It’s really amazing! Full fo mythology and action. The next book is coming soon and I’m very excited to see what happens next.

3. Rose Petal Graves

This book reminds me of a mix between the Vampire Diaries and A Court of Thorns and Roses. The second book is actually much better than the first, but I couldn’t exactly put the second book of the series on here and not the first. That would be a bit pointless and maybe a bit confusing. 

4. The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts

I’m a sucker for a time travel story. Also, it has a really well written slow-burning romance. Time travel, adventure, action, romance, magic, what more could you possibly want?

5. Under Different Stars

This one actually has quite a few ratings, but the thing is, I never actually see anyone talking about this book so I’m led to wonder where all the people who read it are.

6. A Penny Lost

More time travel!!! This gave me so many feelings and it ended on such a crazy cliffhanger, but it wasn’t bad. I’m not even angry about the cliffhanger.

7. Ensnared

Ensnared is an NA sci-fi retelling of Beauty and the Beast and it was my first and favorite of Rita Stradling’s works. It’s sexy, it’s full of sci-fi and it’s an amazing retelling in general. I think it deserves as much recognition as other overhyped retellings.

8. Doctor Sleep

This was the sequel to the Shining we never knew we needed. Personally, this was my favorite Stephen King book, but it’s sad because no one ever seems to talk about it. I mean it was raved about when it came out because it is by Stephen King, but no one seems to care about it anymore and it really is an amazing book.

9. Pulse

This book was just the perfect mix of creepy scientific stuff and a tad bit of romance. It isn’t overly romance filled, it’s just the perfect amount. In a way, it kind of actually reminds me of the Shape of Water, except the love interest is a vampire and not the creature from the black lagoon. 

10. Daughter of Deep Silence

I know that this has been read by a lot of people, but I never really hear great things about it. I, however, loved it. I picked it up on a whim because it was six dollars and I kept thinking that maybe I wanted to read it. I went in with low expectations because I had seen the reviews, but I ended up so enraptured by it and I just need someone to talk about it in a good way with me.

Which novels do you guys wish people would talk about more?

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