Tuesday 20 February 2018

Top 10 Books I Wish I Could Read for the First Time Again

I'm pretty excited for this one. It's something I hadn't thought of before and once I did the list made itself.

10. Throne of Glass

This series was exactly what I needed at the time. I didn’t realize that female characters could be like that before reading this book. It opened my eyes to all these different possibilities that I want that to happen again.

9. The Vampire Academy

I binge read this series, I stayed up to 1 am to read Blood Promise and then woke up at 6am so I could finish it. This series was a great time in my life and I would love to be that invested in something again.

8. I’ll Give You the Sun

The smile that this book left me with the first time I read it is something I would love to have again. That initial happiness I felt will never be matched again and that does make me sad.

7. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

This is one of those series’ that I’ve read over and over again, but I will never again get the satisfaction I felt the first time I read this book. It was creepy and I loved the chemistry between Mara and Noah so much and I’m sad I won’t be able to experience that for the first time again.

6. The Hunger Games

This was the first dystopian I ever read and so it set the bar for every other dystopian I read after it. I wish I could feel those same feelings I had when I first read this series. 

5. Obsidian

I want the pleasure of meeting Daemon Black again and not knowing anything about him. I want to get to know Katy and relate to her and go through everything all over again without knowing anything.

4. The Gallagher Girls series

One of the first YA series’ I read. It’s probably the series to thank for getting me into YA in the first place. Nothing will ever take the place of my young self, getting into books about girl spies again. 

3. Wolfsong

I can’t express to you the emotional rollercoaster this book took me on. Not knowing what would happen next and how anything would turn out. Now that I know what happens it won’t be the same reading it. I would love to read this book over an do over as if it was my first time.

2. Ruby Red Trilogy

This is actually the trilogy that inspired this list. I was at work thinking about how much I wanted to read this series again and how amazing it was the first time I read it.

1. Harry Potter

It would be like living my childhood all over again if I could read this series over as if it were the first time. It was probably the most magical time in my life.

What are some books you guys would love to reread?

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  1. There's a few in there I haven't read!
    I'm now on a reread of Bloodlines, wishing someone would make a good tv version so I could enjoy it in another format too.
    Have you read The Becoming of Noah Shaw? I loved that one!

    Hmmm... I'd like to experience for the 1st time again... I don't really know, because my reaction to books is so connected to my frame of mind and situation at the moment! And I also usually enjoy rereads more than a novelty - I like to know what happens, that sense of familiarity.
    I guess I'd say The Raven Cycle, because I think I'd have fallen in love with it faster if I'd been less 'down' on my first read of The Raven Boys.

  2. It's been a logn while since i've read Bloodlines, I should definitly give it a reread too.

    I gave read and loved the Becoming of Noah Shaw I'm so ready for the next book.