Sunday 18 February 2018

Sunday Favorites: Damon Salvatore

“It's not wrong to hustle hustlers. It's like killing murderers, a public service.

I've only done books for this Sunday Favorites thing so I thought it was time to transition to some of my favorite characters! 

I've decided to start with my 7-year fictional boyfriend, Damon Salvatore.

Whether it’s on screen or on pages, Damon Salvatore is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. The thing that sets Damon apart from all my other book boyfriends is that he is different on the show and in the book and yet I still love him in both. 

Damon is such a complex character, he starts out as the bad guy that no one trusts and people just want to get rid of him, and he transforms into everyone's favorite bad boy who isn’t so bad. He has a tragic backstory that we don’t get to see right away but once we do we finally understand him.

In the books, Damon is very suave, incredibly manipulative, and very dark. I also pictured book Damon differently than from the show. Damon is said to be Italian so I had this whole tall dark and handsome image of him going on in my head. Very sophisticated and despite the fact that he was evil, still very classy. He always seems to be very much in control of himself and situations. 

“Damon, leather and silk and fine chiseled features. Mercurial and devastating.” 

Damon on the show is a whole other story. Damon is the snark master man whore who sleeps with half the characters on the show. He’s dark and damaged and I would say he’s tall dark and handsome, but there is definitely a difference between how L. J. Smith wrote him and how Ian Somerhalder played him. Damon seems to be a bit of a mess in the show. He gets drunk and does irrational things that make people hate him.

“I've been in love. It's painful, pointless and overrated.”

Love him or hate him, you have to admit, Damon Salvatore is a dynamic character. He changes and does things that surprise us. An I personally love him very much for it. What I love most about Damon is that even though he has a tragic backstory and has some pretty shitty things done to him, he tries to get past it. He doesn't mope around, maybe he got vices, but it's better than moping. 

After writing this I now have to go and rewatch the entire tv series.

How do you feel about Damon? Love him or hate him?

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  1. I LOOOOOVE him! I have to admit I was already a fan of Ian Somerhalder, but I still believe that this character is an incredibly tricky one to play and not many actors could've imbued him with the right amount/kind of sass, emotion, etc... I feel the same with Klaus/Joseph Morgan: it takes a very good actor to make you care deeply about a character even when they're doing vile things!

    I haven't read the books yet, so I don't personally know how they compare, so it was interesting reading your thoughts on the matter!