Wednesday 6 December 2017

November Wrap Up

I started working on this Wrap Up on November 30th, but I got distracted and just left the tab open and just forgot about it until now, six days later. Also, if you've been wondering why I haven't been posting a lot int eh past couple of weeks, it's just because my life has been crazy, I'm a bit stressed over some things and haven't had a lot of time for other things. Basically, it's been a choice between blogging or reading books to blog about and reading has been winning that battle. Don't worry though, I have lots of fun posts planned!

1. The First Kiss Hypothesis 

I gave this book 2 stars. I was surprisingly underwhelmed by this book. Honestly, I've already forgotten what happened, but I don't really care because it wasn't too remarkable.

2. The Becoming of Noah Shaw 

I gave this book 5 Stars. I wanted to scream after reading this book! It was so good and I plan to get a physical copy as soon as possible. I am incredibly excited to see where the author goes with this series.

3. Scion of the Fox 

I gave this book 4 stars. This book hit me like a truck, I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Incredibly fresh storyline and hopefully there will be an equally exciting sequel.

4. Defying her Mafioso 

I gave this book 4 stars. Very sexy, and a very quick read. If you like romances about the mafia, then I would definitely recommend this one.

5. Huntress of the Night 

I gave this book 4 stars. Rita Stradling never lets me down. This book was no exception to the amazingness that is Rita Stradling's writing. There was one glaring flaw in the plot in that it's a love story about the VIRGIN goddess, other than that I had no problems.

6. His Mafioso Princess 

I gave this book 3 Stars. Wasn't as good as the first book was, but still pretty good.

7. Badd Motherfucker 

I gave this book 4 stars. After months of seeing all these people raving about the Badd Brothers series, I finally had to pick it up. I wasn't overly impressed, but it wasn't terrible.

8. All the Crooked Saints 

I gave this book 4 stars. I was gonna write a full review for this one, but I don't think I will because I really don't know what to say. I enjoyed it, but I don't think I really understood what happened. I didn't understand the whole miracle thing. I love the authors writing though.

9. Badd Ass 

I gave this book 3 stars. It was okay, I still liked the first book better.

10. Badd to the Bone 

I gave this book 3 stars. The series seemed to go downhill from the first book and I wasn't really feeling it.

11. Badd Luck 

I gave this book 3 stars. At this point, I don't really understand the hype of this series.

12. Badd Mojo 

I gave this book 3 stars. I'm getting through this book just so I could get to the next book. Also, I am aware I skipped a book in the middle, I will get to that one eventually, I just wasn't feeling it at the time.

13. The Client 

I gave this book 4 stars. This was filled with heat and humor. It was a book that made me feel giddy for the first time in a long time. I don't get that giddy feeling a lot anymore when reading books but it was present here and I have nothing but good things to say about that.

14. Obsession Mine 

I gave this book 5 stars. I've been waiting so long for this book to finally come out, I read it quickly and now I have to wait even longer for the next book. Tip: If you plan to read this series, wait till all the books are out and binge them. Do not make the same mistakes as me.

15. Unknown 

I gave this book 3.5 stars. Off to a rocky start, but made a comeback near the end. Very good introduction to the world and characters in a way that we sympathize with them.

16. Unrest 

I gave this book 4.5 stars. Way better than the first book, a complete expansion of the world and the characters. Went from Dystopian to Sci-fi, but wasn't a rough transition.

17. Undone 

I gave this book 5 Stars. Best of the series, perfect blend of two protagonists in their efforts to win the war. There was a perfect amount of logic and emotion behind the story.

What books did you guys read in November?

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