Friday 1 December 2017

Undone Spoiler Free Review

Undone (Unknown #3)
by Wendy Higgins

Release Date: December 5th, 2017


USA Today and New York Times bestselling author, Wendy Higgins, brings you the gripping, sensual conclusion to her apocalyptic trilogy.

Amber Tate never dreamed their heart-wrenching escape from the enemy’s attack would lead them to the most beautiful place she’s ever seen, marred by one ugly fact; it’s under enemy control. Like everywhere else in the world, Elmendorf military base in Alaska has been captured, and it’s time to take it back—all of it—one base, one city at a time. After losing so much, Amber clings to the only precious person she has left, and vows to sacrifice everything to help save the Earth.

Remy Haines is a lover, not a fighter, so when she finds herself in enemy territory, expected to feign allegiance while gathering intel for the rebel cause, she’s never been more out of her element. Tensions only increase when her feelings for Jacob “Tater” Tate won’t go away, and the enemy’s leader takes an interest in her. She’s torn between what her heart wants, and what she knows she should do. As for what her body needs…well, it’s always had a mind of its own.

My Thoughts:

I received an ARC for an honest review

This series got better by the book. While the first was a 3.5 star book, the second was 4.5 and this third and final installment has finally earned that last half a star. Everything finally came together in this final book that was left open-ended in the past two installments and I have to say it feels really good to see it tied up so nicely.

One character I’ve had a pretty rocky relationship with over the past two books is Linette. She’s strong, confident, and kind of a shitty person. I don’t like her, but there is definitely respect for her. She does things that are questionable and a lot of the time I don’t agree with what she does and the way she treats other people, but at the same time, she does know what she’s doing. 

I loved how this novel was a perfect blend of relationships and plot. I feel like a lot of the time novels either focus more on romance or more on a boring used up plot. This had the romance and had the exciting plot, but it also had compassion. There were all these characters finding companionship and love in unexpected places. Those were some of my favorite parts, just the closeness of the characters.

The unique part of the series is the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this particular blend before. The entire first book was dystopian, there wasn’t even a hint of extraterrestrials and then we get to the second book and it completely transitions into a sci-fi novel. It was really bizarre when first reading it, but I have to say I started to enjoy it more after the shift happened. I’m not complaining.

I usually have an intense hatred of duel perspective books, I just don’t see how they are helpful in most books, however, in this one it completely worked. Since our core group was separated we got to see through the points of view of best friends Amber and Remy. We got to see how they were doing while separated and could see both of their efforts throughout the war. This is one of the rare occasions where I have in fact, enjoyed a dual perspective. 

It’s a fast-paced book filled with emotion and excitement. Would highly recommend reading the series and this their novel in particular.

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