Tuesday 18 April 2017

Top 10 Adult Romances

I read so many adult romances, it's honestly one of my favourite genres, so I most definitely will have another list for this. I already have some for that list. But without further ado, I shall start. Also, just a quick note, you guys should definitely follow me, you can find options for that in the side bar.

10. Lucca by Sarah Brianne

I was so highly anticipating this book, it was better than I had ever expected it to be. I was just so happy that Chloe and Lucca finally got a book!

9. Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

This book is on the list, not even for the romance, I just loved the story and the characters so much, the romance was a bit of a bonus added in.

8. The Golden Dynasty Kristen Ashley

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, more specifically Khal Drogo and Daenerys, you should read this. The couple in this book just reminded me of them so much, it was almost the fan fiction I always wanted. It still definitely had it's own story and the characters were different, but it still have that element there.

7. Wait for You by J. Lynn

I love Jennifer Armentrout's books, I've read almost every single one, including her adult romances, this one has a special place in my heart.

6. While It Lasts by Abbi Glines

Another of my most read authors, I've read every single one of her books, and for the most part she doesn't disappoint me. This book, however, was my favourite of them all. I don't know why, I just like it the best.

5. Ten Tiny Breathes by K. A. Tucker

The main character, guys, she's just so awesome. She's snarky and badass and she isn't perfect. She's going through a lot of stuff and she's trying to be strong 24/7 but she can't. She let's her love interest in after a decent fight and they are just perfect together.

4. Fear Me by B. B. Reid

I have to admit that the first time I read this one, I liked it, but I wasn't overly impressed so I gave it four stars. I then soon went back and reread it and I realized how much I loved it and gave it five stars. Now I'm just sort of on a continuous loop of reading this and Corrupt. I show no signs of slowing down.

3. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

I love Colleen Hoover books, all of them, but this one somehow came out on top. Saying it's my favourite of her's is a feat in itself because I love her writing so much. Bottom line, read it.

2. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

I didn't realize I could feel so many feelings before reading this book. Interestingly enough, I found out about this book while reading another book. The characters in this other book were talking about the last two words in TSOT so of course I needed to be in on this secret. And so in I was. I regret nothing.

1. The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

The one thing that all of these books have in common is that I've read them all multiple times. I for some reason just found myself going back to them over and over again. This book was the first in the long line.

What are some of your favourite adult romances? I would love to know!

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