Friday 14 April 2017

The Ultimate Book Tag

I was not tagged again. I just wanted to. I think I've established this 30585720 times already, so let's begin.

The Original here: Chapter Chicks

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?

Not even a little bit. I read both the Raven Boys and A Monster Calls during a road trip, not a problem.

2. Which author’s writing style is completely unique to you and why?

I feel like this is most people’s answer for this question, but Tahereh Mafi. If you read her books you would understand, it’s just something everyone has agreed on.

3. Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Saga? Give 3 points to defend your answer.

Harry Potter:
  1. It was my childhood
  2. I related more with the characters in Harry Potter than I ever did with any of the Twilight Characters
  3. Harry Potter got me into reading, it’s got a special place in my heart.

4. Do you carry a book bag? If so, what is it in (besides books…)?

Stuff for school. Textbooks, pens, other boring school related things that are nowhere as interesting as books.

5. Do you smell your books?

No, of course not! Where would you ever get that idea? (Yes, yes I do)

 6. Books with or without little illustrations?

I don’t need the illustrations, but when they are there I do enjoy seeing them.

7. What book did you love while reading but discovered later it wasn’t quality writing? 

House of Night Series. I loved everything about this series back in the day. I recently tried to reread some of the books and I couldn’t do it. They are awful.

8. Do you have any funny stories involving books from your childhood? Please share!

I don’t really think I have any stories that are funny. Embarrassing and stupid maybe, but nothing funny.

9. What is the thinnest book on your shelf?

I’m 99% sure it’s the Great Gatsby. That book is tiny.

10. What is the thickest book on your shelf?

Without a doubt that would be Under the Dome. I still haven’t gotten all the way through it.

11. Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself in the future as being an author?

I would like to see myself become an author, but I do think I have a long way to go. I’m a bit of a distracted person so I’ll have to work on that if I ever want to write a whole book.

12. When did you get into reading?

I always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with reading, sometimes I could not put a book down and others you couldn’t force me to look at words on a page. The tipping point was when I was in the fifth grade and finally read Harry Potter. The rest was history.

13. What is your favorite classic book?

I love Jane Eyre so much. That book is something everyone should read, I devoured it.

14. In school was your best subject Language Arts/English?

It was for a while, but by the late years of my high school career I somehow managed to get a better grade in Chemistry.

15. If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated…what would you do?

Well, the person probably would have gotten a gift receipt so I would probably just tell them I already had it and just return it. I don’t know how I would get into this situation in the first place, I have a birthday list.

16. What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?

I honestly can’t think of one right now.

17. What is a bad habit you always do (besides rambling) while blogging?

I use useless words. Ill start off sentences with, okay, or so. I really hate when I do that, I need to stop.

18. What is your favorite word?

Flabbergasted in English and pamplemousse in French.

19. Are you a nerd, dork, or dweeb? Or all of the above?

Nerd for life.

20. Vampires or Fairies? Why?

I can’t help but see this as comparing Damon Salvatore and Tinkerbell. Of course I have to choose Damon, so Vampires.

21. Shapeshifters or Angels? Why?

Shapeshifters. I’m just not all that big on Angels. I don’t know why.

22. Spirits or Werewolves? Why?

Ghosts are cool, but I love werewolves more. I like dogs a lot.

23. Zombies or Vampires?

I don’t read a lot of books with zombies, so I don’t care all that much about them. I’ll never get over the vampire phenomenon though.

 24. Love Triangle or Forbidden Love?

You guys know how much I hate love triangles. Forbidden love I can work with, love triangles I cannot.

25. AND FINALLY: Full on romance books or action-packed with a few love scenes mixed in?

Always action with bits of romance. I tend to get bored if all we focus on is whether two people hook up, I like other things to occupy my time too.

If you too want to do this tag, then go for it, I tag you.

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