Tuesday 6 September 2016

Top 10 NOTPs

I may or may not have forgotten that it was Tuesday today. Sorry about that.
If you don't know, a NOTP is a couple that you don't want to be together. Like, at all.
Also, just because a couple is on this list does not mean that I don't like them, or don't like them just as friends.

And as always, there is always chances of a spoiler, so be careful, I don't like spoiling things for people, just be careful.

10. Clary and Simon

There was that awkward City of Ashes timeline where Clary and Simon tried dating. That was so weird and I hated every second of it. I'm just glad that the whole thing didn't ruin their friendship and they came back stronger from the whole thing and moved on.

9. Bella and Edward

I really didn't care for anything that had to do with Twilight, most of that stemmed from their shitty abusive relationship. It was the worst, the only reason they liked each other was because he was hot and she smelled like a buffet. I could find nothing about the entire situation appealing.

8. Adam and Blue

Their relationship just seems so awkward and not sweet or cute at all. They really didn't have much chemistry. Plus, Blue was just trying to use him as a distraction from Gansey because she loved him, the whole thing was just very unfair to both of them.

7. Katy and Blake

This was a very brief relationship in the second book of the Lux series, and I just have to say that I did not like Blake from the start. He was just too nice, at that point you know that there has to be something wrong with him, he had an ulterior motive of some sort which we later found out.

6. Rose and Adrian

They have a really great witty, playful friendship that I love. I love how they are with each other, but I love Rose and Dimitri and while Rose's relationship with Adrian was cute, there was just no way she would ever fully commit herself to him because she wasn't in love with him. Plus, I couldn't focus on them if Dimitri was still alive which he was.

5. Cleo and Aron

Oh my gods, where do I even start with this one. I hate Aron so much. Not only is he a whiny little boy who doesn't think about the consequences of his actions, he also took advantage of a very drunk Cleo. And that may just be what pisses me off the most. Cleo is no saint, of course, but she is nowhere as bad as him. I don't want them to be together, which I doubt they actually ever would be.

4. Juliette and Adam

Unpopular opinion: I liked Warner from the beginning. I like "Evil" guys, it's my kink. At first I liked Adam, but then he started getting all controlling and domineering and he was annoying me. He was treating Juliette like a fragile little doll and I just wanted to see her character development without him stalling her.

3. Shay and Calla

SHE SHOULD HAVE ENDED UP WITH REN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2. Jack and Evelyn

Jack is bipolar. I swear, one minute he's all "I love you" and "I can't live without you." The next he's telling her to fuck off and how much of a bitch she is. I'm not too happy with Evelyn either since she keeps choosing him over Arik (I don't remember how to spell his name). I like him better than Jack. Jack is just too much of a jackass.

1. Tessa and Jem

Two of my favourite book characters ever. You may be wondering "How could these two possibly be on this list?" that would be because Wessa is my OTP of all OTP's and I don't like the thought of them without each other. When Cassandra Clare released those short stories of Tessa and Jem getting together, I couldn't read them, the very thought of them together made me sick. I kept seeing snippets all over Instagram, it was driving me insane. I had a hard time reading Lady Midnight at times because Tessa and Jem would appear or would be mentioned and I couldn't fathom it.

Okay, that was very soul bearing. I feel free now that my opinions are out there to be judged by everyone.

Have a great day!

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