Tuesday 7 January 2020

Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020

These are in no particular order as I'm pretty fucking excited about all of them. Sadly, there are some that did not make them on this list. There are probably so many that I missed because there are just so many good books coming out this year, just know that these were the first on my mind when making this list.

1. Brothersong

I already preordered the paperback of this one. I’m so ready to read it. This is the final book and the one I’ve been waiting for for what seems like decades. It’s only been a couple of years, but still. That's way too long to have to wait for Carter’s story. I love Carter.

2. Nightfall by Penelope Douglas

My mind is running wild with all the possibilities of this last book. I’m wondering how long it’s going to be or if there is a possibility of a fifth book because there is just so much to unpack. I’m also curious if Pen will finally do her Reverse Harem novel because I know she was originally gonna do that with Corrupt but then chickened out. Possibilities? Many.

3. Fall Boys by Penelope Douglas

There's no cover for this one yet so we'll just have to go without. I’ve been thinking non-stop about this series too. Penelope Douglas knows what her readers want. I’ve reread the three short stories she’s written about these guys about 10 billion times. This series can’t come out soon enough.

4. Feather 

This book sounds so fun and sexy. The synopsis alone is enough to have me on the edge of my seat. This is going to be a good one. This book is actually set to be released next week, I ordered a copy and it has already been shipped. Very excited about this one.

5. Chain of Gold

I’ve been ready for this ever since we met some of the characters in Shadowhunter Academy. We’re getting more Will and Tessa, we’re getting new characters to love. I don’t even care that this book was pushed back from its original 2019 release date because that just means Cassandra Clare has more time to perfect it. 

6. House of Earth and Blood

Honestly, don’t even remember what this one is about, just know it’s by Sarah J. Maas, so I know I’ll love it. Also, I looked it up, this is coming out on the same day as Chain of Gold. WTF, how am I supposed to choose which to read first. I say that, but honestly both of these are probably going to be sitting on my shelf for a while because I'm pretty sure I have a midterm that day.

7. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

I’m still a very big fan of The Hunger Games trilogy. I know it really died out after a few years, but I still think it’s one of the best dystopian series’ that I’ve ever read. I don’t know what this book specifically is going to be about other than the fact that it’s about the 10th Hunger Games. I’m interested in what Suzanne Collins has in mind for us.

8. World of Throne of Glass

I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this book. I preordered it, but then I got an email saying it was cancelled, but then it was put back on the website then it was taken off again. I don’t know what’s happening so I’m crossing my fingers that this ends of happening this year. Now while looking at the book page on Goodreads it doesn't have a date on it. I'm just gonna put this book on this list and hope for the best.

9.  Credence

I know. I know. This is my third Penelope Douglas book on this list, but is it my fault that she writes good books? Is it my fault that she decided to release at least three of them this year? No. So I will be grateful and put them on my list. This is coming out in early January. AKA January 14th, AKA next week so mark your calendars. I really don't know a lot about this book and what it's about. I feel like it's going to be similar to Birthday Girl, but I'm not really sure. 

10. The Prince and the Pawn

This one doesn’t actually have a release date but I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that it comes out in 2020. I need this book so bad because of the way things ended off in that last book. I think I might die if this doesn't come out sooner rather than later. Also, I didn't realize that there was a chance that Vaughn wasn't gonna be with Tyra until B. B. mentioned that they originally wasn't going to put them together. But I'm pretty sure they are actually going to. Unless I misread something along the lines. I'm pretty sure Tyra is the love interest. I really love Tyra so I'm excited to read this one.

What are your most anticipated books of 2020?

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading another book from the Hunger Games series..