Thursday 16 January 2020

All Your Perfects Review

All Your Perfects
All Your Perfects
by Colleen Hoover


Colleen Hoover delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound novel about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is a heartbreaking page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with a perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?

My Thoughts:


I gave this book 2.5 stars. I feel like everyone is going to disagree with me on this one. I might even get a bit of hate for it because everyone on Goodreads seems to love this book. I don't know if I'm going to post this on there. Don't get me wrong, I love Colleen Hoover, she's one of my favourite authors, but this book was just a disappointment. I really loved all of the before chapters. The before chapters, for the most part, made me not hate the main characters as much as I would have if I had only read the after parts. I have some very strong feelings about this book. I’m going to go into some of these in detail.

Starting with Quinn. Quinn is one of the protagonists of this novel. She and her husband Graham have been having fertility issues for years and it’s taking its toll on their marriage. Now I get fertility issues are fucking hard for a couple. I get that. I also get why it was so hard for them to adopt a child since this book takes place in the U.S. and if you have anything on your criminal record you’re pretty much fucked. But the way that Quinn acted at times, had me not liking her, then really disliking her, then hating her. I get that Quinn was probably depressed because of her inability to have a baby, but she was just so manipulative. She wanted a baby so bad that she was just manipulative and cruel towards her husband at times. There were just so many instances where just being in her head while she was only thinking about having children while having sex with her husband instead of actually wanting to have sex that made me so incredibly uncomfortable. Being depressed is not an excuse to manipulate the people that love you. I'm sorry, but it's not. It's not okay.

I think I might have actually hated Graham more than Quinn. It all started when he got upset with Quinn because you know, she was being manipulative. But then he punched a wall or door or something because he was mad at her. What that says to me, when someone punches something when they are mad at you is that they really want to punch you. Red flag. Like I get that your wife is being kind of manipulative because she wants a baby more than she wants you, but punching doors or walls isn’t going to solve that. It’s also scary. I don’t think I’d want to be with him.

The next nail in the coffin was when Graham cheated on Quinn. The reason these two met in the first place was because their significant others were cheating on them with each other. So that makes the fact that Graham cheated that much worse. He knew how much it hurt when that happened and he knew how much that hurt Quinn but he did it anyway. I know he didn’t sleep with the other woman, but he still emotionally cheated on her and he still made out with this other woman several times. So many levels of fucked up.

Another thing that really pissed me off about Graham was just a little comment he made in the before portion of the book. Politics are a very tricky thing. Politics is something that a lot of people have very strong opinions about, myself included, so when they were talking about them I mostly agreed with what they said. What pissed me off was when Graham said that he believed that women should be allowed to get abortions if they want them, except for in the third trimester. Now bear with me, people who carry their children to the third term, planned on having the baby. The only reason someone would get an abortion in the third trimester is because of health reasons. Either the baby is not going to live or the mother is having health complications and she isn’t going to live if she keeps carrying that baby. No one just wakes up one day deciding that they don’t want the baby they’ve been carrying for all those months. And if for some reason they do, that’s infanticide. It’s already illegal. I could keep going, but I think at this point of said the most important things so I’m going to stop. This comment by Graham just made me resent him.

What I hated most was that these two didn’t communicate with each other. This book was like a “what not to do” in a marriage. They each had so many issues that they didn’t talk to each other about. This could have been avoided if they talked to each other.

I feel like after dumping on this book so much I should talk about what I did enjoy about this book. I love Colleen Hoover’s sense of humour. When this book wasn’t depressing it was hilarious. I loved the story of how Quinn and Graham got together in the first place. It was just so heartwarming. And despite all the shit I hated in the middle, I felt like the ending was perfect. It was just such a simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming moment when reading their letters to each other. And coming to terms with their marriage and the fact that they would probably never have their own biological children, but being okay with it. I know some people want to have children are unable to. I understand it’s hard but I also appreciate that this book spread the message that having children is not the end all be all of your existence. Being able to have children is not what determines your self-worth. I also liked the point it put across about NOT FUCKING ASKING PEOPLE WHEN THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE A KID! DON’T DO IT!

I sat on this book for a few weeks, not thinking I was going to actually write a review for it. It got to the point where I knew if I didn’t write a review it was going to drive me crazy. I keep thinking about it and why it annoys me. Hopefully, now my thoughts will move on to other things.

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