Tuesday 17 December 2019

Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2019

I was hoping to have more posts this holiday season but I seem to still be experiencing a bit of writer's block. I have so many reviews that I would love to write and it just isn't happening. I guess these end of the year top 10 lists are going to have to do for now. Hopefully, in the new year, I will finally be able to write something else. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy my list!

10. Jamie Buchanan

Jamie Jamie Jamie. I've been so excited about him. He has been the most exciting character in this series from day one. I don't know how anyone could not love him. If you haven't read B. B. Reid's When Rivals Play series yet you definitely should. It's on Kindle Unlimited. 

9. Cardan

Cardan is just so mischievous. He's so cunning and spiteful. Honestly, he never does what you'd expect. He was also surprisingly passionate towards Jude at times and every time that happened I got butterflies. 

8. Jake Connelly

I was so excited to read his book. Honestly, I'm surprised I waited as long as I did to finally read it. When I finally got it I had such a good time. He is so swoon-worthy.  If you guys are into sports romances, Jake Connelly is the perfect hero for you.

7. King Tiras

This one caught me by surprise. When I started reading this book I didn't realize he was going to be the hero. He seemed like he was possibly going to be an antagonist at first and as you guys know, those are my favourites. He ended up being just my favourite Amy Harmon character to date.

6. Baz King

Baz had me dead. From the second we met him in Kiss Me With Lies, he had me hook, line, and sinker. If I had actually decided to put quotes in this post I would have had to skip Baz because like I said in my last post, I like to keep some of the sexiness a surprise. There is almost nothing Baz said in this book that wasn't incredibly sexy.

5. Thomas Cresswell

If you guys read my Top 10 Ships of 2019 post then you would know how I feel about Thomas Cresswell already. Even if you guys aren't that interested in Jack the Ripper, but like roguish heroes, then I would say give this book a try. Thomas is so intelligent and witty. And he's a terrible flirt. He would spit out these lines that had me smiling and laughing. I wouldn't even mind living in the Victorian Era if I had a Thomas Cresswell.

4. Griffin 

Griffin was irresistible. From the moment we meet him in this first book to his last moments in the third book. He is just the perfect man. I don't even remember how I came across this book, but I am so grateful that I did because it has quickly become one of my all-time favourites. Griffin is one of the reasons it's one of my favourites.

3. Carter Mahoney

Carter and his book just came out of nowhere and slapped me across the face. I don't think I should have like them as much as I did.

2. Remo Falcone

I new Remo was gonna be my favourite character in this series. You know, I can sene these things. In the other series, Matteo was my favourite and when Remo was first introduced he reminded me of Matteo. Now I know they are very different, but I still love Remo very much. He does such wicked things.

1. Damon Torrance

I love Damon. So sue me. I love villains and antiheroes. Damon is just so bad sometimes and I love him. He was almost immediately the villain of this series and there is nothing I love more than a sexy villain. Or antihero in his case.

Which book characters would you guys 100% date if they were real?
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