Saturday 28 December 2019

Books I Want to Get to in 2020

These are a few books that I have sitting on my bookshelf that I finally want to read. These are all already out, this is not my most anticipated reads of 2020 list, that'll come later. These are just books that I already have that I just want to get to.

1. Ninth House

You know, I really wasn't drawn into the premise of this book, but I've suddenly been struck with the desire to finally read it. I have it sitting on my shelf and I want to give it a go.

2. Little Women

I keep getting Instagram ads for the movie trailer and it's making me really want to read the book. And then I'm gonna watch the movie and have a grand old time. Unfortunately, I already know some of the plot twists because of Friends. I still feel like I'll have a great time reading it though.

3. The Mime Order

I read the first book at least a year ago and I really enjoyed it. I've wanted to read this second book, but I just never started it. I had other things that I got more interested in and I never read this one.

4. Ghosts of the Shadow Market

I know that once I start this I won't want to stop, but I don't think I'm ready yet. I can usually feel when I'm ready to read certain books, and I'm just not ready for this one. It's like popping a pimple. It's not ready yet. I'll hopefully get to it before Chain of Gold.

5. Harry Potter

I'm slowing down a bit in 2020. In 2019 I tried so hard to keep up with my Goodreads reading goal and prioritizing it over things I shouldn't have been neglecting. So in 2020, my Goodreads goal is just going to be 50 books so I don't need to feel rushed. I want to be able to just slowly read at my own pace and finally do a Harry Potter reread.

Bonus: A Little Life

Every time I see this book on my shelf I just think to myself "I want to read that" and then I never read it. You know what, if I have time this year, if I get around to it, I'm going to read this one. If not I'm okay with putting this one on the backburner for another year.

Did you guys have any books you want to finally get around to reading in 2020?

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