Monday 13 May 2019

Recommendations: Beach Day Reads

Greetings friends, I was supposed to go to the beach today but those plans got canceled. Nevertheless, I figured I would recommend some beach reads for those of you actually going to the beach.

Practical Magic

The movie and the prequel are a lot more heavy than the book actually is. If you are looking for a book with endlessly beautiful imagery and character descriptions with four love stories in one book with a bit of magic mixed in, then this one would be good for you. Honestly, I could picture myself sitting on a beach reading this one.

The Princess Saves Herself in this One

If you want to read something more along the poetry lines this would be a good choice. The next books in this poetry series get a bit darker than this one, but honestly, if you just want to read something with themes of feminism and loving yourself first then this would be a great one for you. It's also a very quick read and I do think you would be able to finish this with just a day at the beach.

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids

I was disappointed by this one as a whole, but I have to say that it had the perfect beach mood. If you just want the beach atmosphere along with a main character that is actually a person of color for once, then this would probably be a good choice for you.

Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Something a little bit funny and young for you guys. The movie is good and all but the book is 10x better than the movie. It's lighthearted and you get a very whimsical coming of age story about a hilarious main character. I could wax poetic about this book, highly recommend this one.

I'll Give You the Sun

It's been a little while since I've shoved this book down your throats, but here it is! It's got summertime, beaches, sibling relationships, romance, art. This book is dreamy. The perfect summer fantasy.

I'd Tell You I Loved You But Then I'd Have to Kill You

This one is just fun and a little silly at times. It's for younger YA readers, it's a very light book emotionally. It's got some spying mixed in along with an all-girls boarding school. Another book I can imagine having a lot of fun with sitting on the beach.

Death By Bikini

I feel like I've definitely talked about this book on a summer book list before, I don't remember which one. This one is set on a private island so it just gives off all of the summertime vibes that you want from a book when sitting poolside or on a sandy beach. It's also got the exciting spying angle and I could see this being the perfect beach read.

The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls

This one is the perfect rom-com type YA summer read. You have four sisters all trying to figure things out one summer, it's full of romance and relationships between siblings, along with coming of age themes.

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