Tuesday 19 April 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Books I Need to Reread

I have this huge long list of books that I want to reread. Here are are the top 10:

10. Angel Fire

I read this book about 4 years ago and didn't really like it, but my taste in books have changed drastically, so I feel like I might actually like it this time around, maybe give it a higher rating on Goodreads. Who Knows?

9. Born at Midnight

I haven't read this book in years, I really enjoyed it and I want to do a reread of actually the entire series. If you haven't read the before I would highly suggest it. It was really entertaining.

8. Clockwork Angel

I have not read this book since I first read it 3 years ago. That is in fact a long time to go without reading a book, especially one that everyone loves and you in fact love.

7. City of Lost Souls

I've reread this book more times than I can count. I need to add another into that countless number. It is by far my favourite of the Mortal Instruments series. Therefore it is on the list.

6. Doctor Sleep

All I remember from this book is that Danny was old and an alcoholic and I had the weirdest ship ever. Oh and I loved this book. So I need a brush or I will keel over and die.

5. Hopeless

I don't really have an explanation to why I'm rereading this book, other than I just want to read it again because it's my fav Colleen Hoover book.

4. Sinner 

I've been thinking about this book lately. It's just always kind of hanging at the back of my mind, which is weird since I read it like 2 years ago. This shit is urgent.

3. Assassin's Blade

I'm agonizing over the should I or should I not. This book crumpled my soul into a little itty bitty piece of trash and going back in is just a death wish. I can't help it, my friend is borrowing Queen of Shadows, I need a Sarah J. Maas fix and Assassin's Blade is the only one that I have yet to reread.

2. The Secret of Ella and Micha

If you need to wonder about this one than you can just go see my book talk on it.

1. Harry Potter

I can't choose a specific one to put here, and I can't put them all here separately because that just wouldn't work. It has been forever since I've read Harry Potter. I like it that way too. That way when I reread the books it's almost like I'm reading it again for the first time because I forget about all of the little things that happen that aren't in the movies.


  1. Yes! I need to reread so many of these!
    Megan S.

  2. I have to agree with Harry Potter, I love those books and I can read them over and over again!

  3. I have to agree with Harry Potter, I love those books and I can read them over and over again!