Monday 27 April 2020

The Prince and the Pawn Release and Review

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A coming-of-age tale of loss, love, and redemption.
The Prince and the Pawn, the epic finale of When Rivals Play from bestselling author B.B. Reid is LIVE!
They were wrong for each other from the start.
The jock and the nerd, what a cliché they made.
He was the town prince, and she was a nobody.
Tyra Bradley was invisible.
That is until she told him he needed some manners, and so began their game of cat and mouse.
She ran, he chased.
It was perfect.
Except Vaughn Rees has a deep, dark secret. Promised to the NFL, but fated for something sinister, Vaughn knows she’s forbidden fruit. To want more is to tempt death. He’s already in too deep.
When a betrayal unravels their fragile ties, the good girl runs as fast as she can. What Tyra doesn’t know? They’re a siren’s song. She can run, but they’ll always be bound.
They’re two souls torn apart and mended by fate. And now…Vaughn isn’t the only one with a secret.
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I received this ARC for an honest review

I gave this book 4.5 stars. I love this series so much and it was so bittersweet to see it end.

I loved being able to see all of the characters together. That’s one of my favourite things in books, I love just seeing friends hanging out and doing things together.

I was so pumped from the beginning to read about Tyra and Vaughn. When I found out that these two originally were not supposed to be together, I panicked a little. I couldn’t imagine these two not ending up together. I was thrilled to find out that they did, in fact, end up together. 

The fact that we knew what was going to happen to them from the ending of the last book really enhanced the beginning of this book. Spoiler if you haven’t read the last book, but we find out that Vaughn cheated on Tyra and that they broke up. Now this book starts off with the confrontation but then jumps back in time to show us everything leading up. Every chapter between those two points was just tugging at those heartstrings, not knowing what was going to happen between them. Despite all the good that happened you just know that it’s all going to come crashing down. 

Reading the beginning and knowing that something serious was going to go down made me a little more reluctant to get into it, not gonna lie. It was good don't get me wrong, I just find it really hard to deal with when characters get cheated on. I read the first half of this book at a snails pace. I had no such issues with the second half of the book. Things picked right up and started going in a direction that didn't make me nearly as nervous as the first half. I loved how everything came to a close that made sense. There was no bizarre twist that didn't actually make any sense. This ending made sense.

 Everything up to that point was no surprise but it was everything after that point that was completely unknown to us. But spoilers so I won’t actually discuss those.

I was pretty satisfied with how things ended. Would read again.

Also just a side note but I also really enjoyed that little dynamic between Thomas, Sean, and Evelyn. Also, would read again.

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