Tuesday 11 December 2018

Top 10 Favorite Main Characters of 2018

Time for some lady empowerment. So usually I try to get a few men in here but this year all the ladies stole my heart. So no men. Have no fear, I will still have my book boyfriends list later this month;) Also, in order to give other characters a chance, I am not putting any old favorites on here like Aelin because you guys already know I love her so she doesn't need to be on this list. However, she will get an honorable mention for being my fave.

10. Tea

Tea is a badass. I feel like we don't get a lot of books about necromancers and Tea is my favorite necromancer. I still can't figure out how old she is though.

9. Jude

Jude is a human in a world of fairies. Things were bound to get crazy. Jude has an intense sense of loyalty tot hose she loves and even though her family isn't necessarily the most loyal to her, you can tell with Jude that she does mean it. 

8. Bitsy

It's been a while since I read this so the details are a bit fuzzy. I do remember however, I really loved reading about Bitsy and from her point of view. Her story was pretty intense.

7. Sadie

Sadie had such a tragic story. I feel that often in mysteries and thrillers the characters are often not very likable, but Sadie was. She was so realistic and you couldn't help but root for her despite knowing things probably wouldn't end well for her. Sadie was a gem.

6. Fallon

Fallon had so much shit go on in her life. I loved following her throughout the years as she grew and changed and just become more confident in herself. Colleen Hoover is one of the best when it comes to creating realistic and likable characters that you want to root for. Fallon is to date one of my favorite protagonists from her. 

5. Greer

Greer is sophisticated and regal. The story itself was pretty over the top and Greer fit right in. Honestly, in love triangles like there was in this book it's always a bit hard to like all three of the characters, but somehow I loved all of them. 

4. Hartley Wright

She had her own story, she wasn't just a character there to "tame" Easton Royal. I loved that and I loved her. 

3. Four

B. B. Reid always writes main characters that I like. I don't think I've ever disliked a main character she has written. Four likes motorcycles and doesn't give a fuck. That is a whole ass mood.

2. Evie

I always love Jennifer Armentrout's protagonists, Evie was no exception. Evie isn't taking any shit from the people around her. She doesn't put up with assholes and I love that. 

1. Serenity

Serenity is from a series that I binged nearing the end of the year. Honestly, I didn't think I was going to have any new faves that close to the end of the year, but I was proved wrong. Serenity is compassionate and a total badass. She just stopped giving a fuck there after the first book. 

Who were some of your favorite characters this year? I'd love to hear about them!

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