Saturday 2 June 2018

Mid-Year Goals

Since we are officially halfway through the year I thought to myself, I should do a checkpoint. I'm going to talk about some of the goals I had going into this year and some goals I have for the second half of my year. I'm gonna discuss some things I'm proud of and some things I want to get done.

To start, let's begin with some of my achievements.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

I knocked out about half of the books in this series in a matter of weeks and I'm pretty proud of how much I actually read before going into the great May reading slump.


I've read 23 of my ARCs so far this year! It's really satisfying every time I knock an ARC off my list.


I don't read a lot of classics, I just find them a lot harder to get through, but I am proud to say that I read one this year! I mean it was for a class, but I still read it so it has to count for something.

Colleen Hoover

I have this thing where whenever a Colleen Hoover book comes out I get really excited, but then I put off reading it. Usually, I put it off for a few months, but with November 9 and every book after that, I put it off for I think 3 years. I'm happy to say I finally read November 9 and It Ends With Us. Both of which are in my Mid Year Giveaway, check it out.


So I'm not actually finished yet, but I will be in the next couple of days so I'm counting it. Finally, a Shakespeare play I actually enjoy! Hamlet is such a dramatic little shit and I love him. I know how it ends and it makes me sad, but it also makes me want to read a whole bunch of books based off of Hamlet.

Now, let's move onto what I want from myself for the second part of the year.


I have two physical copies of this book along with the audiobook and I need to read it. I'm just a bit intimidated by large novels, but I'm gonna do it. I'm actually going to New York this summer for a cousins wedding so I plan on listening to it on the plane ride there as I live in Vancouver and that's about 6+ hours in a plane. I better do it.


So I've read 23 so far this year, but it's never enough. Because of the great May reading slump I've got a huge pile of ARCs requiring my attention. I'm currently working on one that I hope to finish soon, but the others need immediate attention. There are too many of them.

A Little Life

I've had this book sitting on my shelf for about a year and I really want to read it, but I just never get around to doing it and I don't' know why!

Meet my Goodreads Goal

Because of the great May reading slump, I fell behind my reading goal a little bit. Which is just saying how bad that reading slump was because I was about 10 books ahead of my goal before. I want to get back ahead.

That's it! What are some of your reading goals for the rest of the year?

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  1. That's so organized! I have a TBR, but it's just a list of the books I've wanted to read at some point (like the Black Daggerhood series!). I did a clean-up a couple days back because I didn't even remember some of them or why I'd added them, heh.
    I'm in the middle of a reading slump (which sucks because real life is pretty shit at the moment), so I'll settle for getting my mojo back soon.

    1. I can definitely relate to the reading slump thing. I'm also trying to get back into it this month. Good luck to you!