Tuesday 20 December 2016

Top 10 Favourite Main Characters of 2016

I decided to go with main characters so I wouldn't be sucked into using my book boyfriends, there will be an entirely other list for that ;)
Okay Let's get started!

10. Mark Watney from The Martian

Mark was crafty and smart and all around hilarious. An all around brilliant character.

9. Kestrel from the Winner's Curse

She was also a brilliant crafty character. I loved reading about her, it was just so intriguing.

8. Blue Sargent from The Raven Boys

I don't even know how to describe Blue. She was such a strong character but never seemed to fit into any category, which is why it's hard for me to really describe her. She's one of a kind.

7. Feyre from A Court of Mist and Fury

Feyre completely evolved in this book. She went from a girl struggling to figure out who she was, who needed to be coddled, to a woman who knew what she wanted and needed and wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do.

6. Mirabella from Three Dark Crowns

Although I did like all three sisters, Mirabella was my favourite. She was strong, but was still full of compassion. She loved her sisters while they hated her, she was the only one who didn't really care about winning, she just wanted her sisters back.

5. Gwen Shephard from the Ruby Red Trilogy

I don't what it was, I just really liked her, maybe it's because she seemed relatable. She just wanted to sit around and watch movies while being frown upon by her family while her other family member was put on a pedestal for being perfect. I think she handled the situation pretty well.

4. Inej from Crooked Kingdom

Inej is pretty down to earth. She has had so much bad stuff happen to her, she is a lot like a ghost. She is sort of trapped in her own head, but she welcomes the support from her friends. She has all the reason to push everyone away, but she doesn't do that, she lets these people in. I love her.

3. Emma Carstairs from Lady Midnight

Absolutely hilarious. She had me hooked the moment she broke up with her boyfriend and explained why. It was pure poetry. Not only was she hilarious, but she was so caring. She was both a lover and a fighter. I like that.

2. Kady Grant from Illuminae

She, like pretty much all of the characters on this list, was so funny. I loved her sense of humour, a little bit dark at times, but I like dark humour. She was also very intense at times and the whole plotting her ex's downfall made me smile like a lunatic. Great character.

1. Aelin Galathynius/Celaena Sardothian from Empire of Storms

I love both sides of her personality. The Aelin Galathynius side is ready to burn the world down to get what she wants, and what she wants is vengeance, and her country. Then there is the Celaena Sardothian side, playful and clever, but not any less badass then her other side. I know some people don't like her as much anymore, but I like her more with each passing day.

Hope you guys enjoyed this list! What are some of your favourite characters?

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